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  1. Wow. Came back after half a year to find Tekkit still not updated at all. Has Hexxit even been converted over yet? Tekkit was supposed to come after it last I heard. I'd consider a full year without updates to be dead. It's almost been nearly a year since 1.8 was released too, and this pack still isn't even on 1.7. Is there any official word on the status of Tekkit's 'development'?
  2. 2MB launcher executable to 33MB, oh boy.. Another icon/UI redesign we've gotta deal with.. just compounds my distress. Negativity aside, comparing the Technic launcher to ATLauncher, it's sorely needed an upgrade for a long time. ..Unfortunately, it doesn't quite deliver. It seems to be based around social aspects instead of technical upgrades, and the only addition is a java args section. If this is all the new Technic platform is going to provide, then I'm strongly considering moving over to the ATLauncher platform, as I'd really like to use the numerous features it offers that Technic doesn't. I'm also experiencing the same issue as Emudio. Extremely slow startup time and the program freezes constantly for no apparent reason, rendering it nearly unusuable. Latest Java 8, Vista/7 x64.
  3. There's an update for WeaponMod too. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272627-balkons-weaponmod-v1-14 Version 1.13.6 - Moved item textures to the assets/weaponmod/ folder. - Moved lang files to the assets/weaponmod/lang/ folder. - Fixed darts ingoring dart type on pickup. - Fixed dispensers always firing default dart type.
  4. I've also been unsuccessful in all my attempts to get it working with Tekkit. The Yogscast had it working when they started doing the Moonquest series, which was quite similar to the newest version of Tekkit, so I assume there's a bit of a mod conflict causing the shaders to not work.
  5. That is indeed WAILA. I asked the same question not too long ago: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  6. Thank you. I would have probably never discovered that on my own. The other features of the mod seem useful, but I don't see a way to only disable the floating overlay when looking at blocks, so I guess I just have to disable the mod entirely.
  7. What mod is responsible for the hover descriptions when you look at close objects and mouseover items in your inventory? First time playing Minecraft with in-depth mods after about 3 years and I decided to start with Tekkit and that hover thing is quite annoying. NEI has a highlight option, but it's disabled by default, so that's not it. I cannot figure out what mod is doing it.