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  1. Google it dude, come on now. BTW the 1.6.4 is the version of Minecraft Tekkit is running on not the other way around. So when researching try "Minecraft 1.6.4 seeds." Or go to the Minecraft "seeds" forums and search it up dude. I'm willing to bet most people just play with a random seed, but YMMV...
  2. Whenever I use optifine I get the long void trenches. Uninstall optifine and it doesn't happen.
  3. I use an enderchest system connected up to my ME system. Also I sync an ender pouch to the enderchest and carry it with me. That way if or when I need to dump anything it is auto sorted/imported into my system. Admittingly I don't play on a server so I don't have to worry about keeping my stuff private.
  4. This probably isn't the most efficient way but it works for me: I decided not to use extracells and just use my ME system with a crucible and transposer to craft the liquid redstone/enderium/glowstone as needed. This is pretty complex but I will do my best to explain it without screenshots or video. This is my example for Redstone Energy Conduits, but you can substitute whatever you want (tessaracts, energy cells, glowstone illuminator) just make sure you have figured out the appropriate ore ratio. For instance it takes 4 redstone ore per energy conduit, 10 redstone ore per energy cell
  5. I think it was in late 2010 or early 2011 (Can't recall the version). I was in medical school and would come home from spending 12-14 hours in anatomy lab and sit down to play for a few hours while watching youtube in the background. I can remember, being such a noob, my first Redstone contraption was trying to get double doors to open simultaneously with a button. Still can't manage to get it right, lol. It's pretty amazing how far things have come in Mincraft. Wish I had more time to invest in it. Sent via mobile.
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