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  1. I didnt quite want to downsize the reactor yet, and moving on and upwards into the realm of active/turbines is just how tekkit goes. as for your comment on coolant, there is some property about the resonant ender that makes it a better choice for outer most row. Something along the lines that it either bounces, or halvs the heat/radiation that makes it through it to the final outer casing point. Cant remember the exact property, but I understand it to be overall better than just pure cryo gel.
  2. Back again with another round of questions. My survival base has become immense, and I am looking to end my power concerns for good. As such, I have created a monster of a reactor, that I even looked into the 2 big google docs on reactors and turbines. I chose this design ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="592px">">' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="592px"> aaaand then made it 10 tall with a 8x19x19 chamber, 133 fuel rods. first attempts to make it as a passive cooled unit failed when with all control rods at 90% I was still left with a core temp of over
  3. So I have stepped up my carbon footprint and have upgraded to laser drills for mining. I was showing this off to a server friend, and he asked me why I have my drills at Y 45 height. I told him because that was just where my underground base happned to be and where I placed them. He procedded to tell me that the higher they are, the more ore you get. After some searching, I was able to find sparatic mention of y= 128 height to be the best for them. But those posts were more than 6 months to a year old. and I could find no mention of it in the wiki's. Has this been changed/removed? Or am I just
  4. Thanks for all the help. Im about to try a fix as i move to a new quarry site. 1. I didnt even realize you could put a tesseract right on a quarry. mind blown! 2. I already had 1 tesseract that was getting pumped to from the chest on top the quarry. I think it turns out that This was caused by a problem with chunk loading on the receiving side of the tesseract. 3. I also did not know about putting 2 sides of a chest with itemducts to solve this too. Thank you all again and I should have this setup going strong again.
  5. I'm having problems with my guarrying setup. When I have a large quarry running at full speed, it is making blocks faster than my itemduct/pnumatic pump can remove them from a large alchy chest attached to it. Now I end up with my quarry vomiting blocks everwhere. what kind of setup can i use that will be able to handle the volume of blocks? (and yes i do have the pumps set to withdraw an entire stack at a time as is)
  6. Thanks for the reply and help. I think I've seen the Applied energistics stuff in someones video. those are the items based around a computer like setup with memory cards right? And I will have to look at the new item ducts.
  7. Some newbie questions to go with starting to quarry mine. When I last played tekkit there were still the energy conversion chests, so I could get away with pumping my quarry directly into one of those and as long as I had atleast 1 of whatever item i wanted I could pop it in to get however manny I wanted. This has lead to several problems with my setups that I have been trying to solve. First question, from what I see people talking of the new condensed cobble there is no useful way to turn 500 stacks of cobble into 3 stacks of iron ore, or anything else like that for now with EMC value
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