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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the TreeCapitator mod to work with the Axe tool on the MPS Power Tool by manipulating either mod's config files? I have tried adding the Power Tool id to the list of AxeIDs in the Treecapitator.cfg file and this allows it to work but it chops trees as if you are chopping with the hand tool itself rather then the axe IN the hand tool. In other words, it takes forever to chop through a tree. It's like chopping a tree down with your hand. Is there a way to reference the axe IN the hand tool in the AxeID list? I see that some AxeID definitions have the wor
  2. Hey, that's great! It is very easy to use and the images look good. The only other suggestion I would make is ditching the prompt to tap again to see further recipes. Or, at least relocate it. When i tap on an ingredient, the message comes up at the bottom of the screen and I do not see it. I didn't notice it when i first tried the program. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the reality check, folks! I guess starting out my mining ops below y=15 left me with a far more negative impression. I started mining randomly at around y=28 and, although still rarer than it used to be, in my opinion, it is much more frequent than at y=15. Happy mining!
  4. Well, I wouldn't say it doesn't work. :-) Just not optimized for tablets. If you are up for further challenges, have at it! I would try it out on a phone but I do not have an Android phone (sadly.) :-( I am not familiar with the Android SDK but I would imagine that there is some sort of template that can be invoked for phones versus tablets? (Just a guess.) Then again, i do not know what the source graphics are like. Are they pixel-by-pixel static images? If so, you probably can't resize them and still have it look good. Also, the Nexus 10 has a very high resolution screen. So that could
  5. I do not have everything tweaked out but I do notice that jumping is not like it used to be. I do have sprint assist installed but not jump assist. What you describe seems to be the case for me as well: no matter how fast I am going in a certain direction, when I jump, I jump straight up and break my stride. The forward momentum is not carried through the jump. It is very awkward. I have to be very careful around lava.
  6. Great little app, thanks! I presume it is intended for phones only? I run it on my Google Nexus 10 (tablet) and the graphics are really small. It is difficult to tap on an ingredient to get the related recipe. Still, nice work!
  7. Hello, folks! When I started a new server with the 1.6.4 MC version of Tekkit (back with 1.2.3, I think, but now on 1.2.8d), we noticed that Quartz is VERY rare in the overworld. Has anyone else noticed this? Did something go haywire with my server setup? I merely extracted the server archive, updated server.properties and the whitelist and was off and running. No other modifications. So, there shouldn't be any goofiness introduced on my part. I figured it would fix itself after a few Tekkit updates but it didn't. Even in newly generated chunks, there is very little quartz. Does anyone els
  8. I had been monitoring this thread when 1.1.8 was released and was anticipating some serious work in getting ids translated. However, when I compared NEI exports between 1.1.5 and 1.1.8, I found very few differences and most of those were either changes to the item/block name but the same object or additions. So, I decided to try the new server without and ID manipulation. I unzipped the new server to a fresh directory. I started it up. I stopped it. I deleted the new world that was created on first startup. I then copied my "world" directory from my old server directory to the new one. I t
  9. Yes, on github, just clicking on patch.txt brings you to github's file viewer which displays the file within github's UI. If you try to just save the file from your browser, you will get all the html/xml information that is used to display the page in your browser. If you click on the "RAW" button, however, github will display the file in it's own raw text format, without any markup for viewing. From this page, you can use your browser's "save as" feature to save the file. This is how it works with any source file on github so it has become transparent to me. Thanks for pointing this out to us
  10. In a word, yes... From what I observed by reading the plugin descriptions and looking at recipes pre- and post-conversion, Ferrous is a new ore. Classic did not generate this ore so when you convert your world, Ferrous ore will not be found in already-generated chunks. I think, though, that I substituted one of the ores which was generated by Classic but no longer used in Lite for Ferrous so, if you used my patch file, you should find some Ferrous Ore in your existing world after all. Otherwise, you will have to explore and generate new chunks for the ore to spawn and it will only be found in
  11. @NinjaDeer Congrats! Yes, the second convert would have done you in. @GeneralPickaxe Yes, what ductape66 said. The problem is that, however you are executing the midas jar, it is not able to find its own plugins. Try using the steps I outlined above to ensure you are running the program from within its own directory.
  12. Hmmm... You're right, cerevox. I restarted the client and the chunks were back. I tried this before and they remained missing. It seems that they will go missing from time to time in the same part of the map but a relog will sometimes fix it.
  13. This is definitely what was happening with me before Havoc42 added the pipe fix plugin. Make sure you place the plugin in the plugins folder underneath the midas tool. (Not in Minecraft's plugin directory. It is not a game plugin- just a plugin for the midas tool.) It sounds like that plugin isn't running for some reason. I did encounter problems with the midas tool not being able to find the plugins early on. It had to do with being in the right working directory and directory context when running the command. If you run the midas jar from the command line and are running it from within the d
  14. Hello, folks! We are having problems with large slices of the world missing and not regenerating. They appear to be 1xN chunk swathes that are suddenly cut out of the world. I do not know how many chunks are missing or if they are entire horizontal/vertical rows/columns of chunks (when viewed in the mini-map.) I first noticed this when trying to upgrade from 0.5.7 when it was recommended to the BETA version 0.6.0. While testing this out, I found a whole vertical (in the mini-map) strip that was missing in the Nether. Since there were other bugs with 0.6.0, we stuck with 0.5.7 until 0.6
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