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  1. You can always edit the config of the Ruins mod by going into the hexxit folder, going to "mods", scrolling down to "ruins", open in notepad, and edit the file. it will explain what to edit.
  2. I haven't tried Hexxit until recently, and I can say it is quite a lot fun. However there are some things I would like to uphold. -Setting "Hunger after death" to "false" in Tinker's Construct's config would remove confusion to new players, so they do not have to wonder why their hunger is not full after they die. -If Lycanite Mobs is to be kept in the full release, disabling the spawning of elementals (e.g. Geonachs, Spriggans, Jengus, and Cinders) would be the best bet as they add too much unfairness to unsuspecting players. -As for the hard freezes that can last up to 30 seconds, increasing Roguelike Dungeon's "spawnfrequency" from the default "10" to "16" or above helps remedy the problem (there are two roguelike configs, one is its own .json and the other is in the folder "roguelike_dungeons". Both must be edited). This also cleans the world as these dungeons seem to spawn way too frequently. -Project Zulu's grey horses are still spawning.
  3. Looks like Skuli is actually working on Tekkit, according to his Hexxit update discussion. Finally, some news! -Skuli There is some hope after all.
  4. It was stated from a reply on their twitter.
  5. Apparently, the separate "Ducts" mod for Thermal Expansion won't be released for at least another month, according to Team CoFH.
  6. That's a completely different issue in a different world posted months ago. I did not delete my dimension data directory either...
  7. I noticed in my world one day that the rift gateways were no longer appearing. Any warp doors I made in the gateways are now empty and they close when I try to enter. This issue seems to only happen in one of my worlds as I tested it in a newly created world and the rifts appeared just fine.
  8. Tekkit for 1.7 should be around the corner as almost every mod has a 1.7 update. ComputerCraft was just updated a week ago and ChickenBones has been updating all his mods recently. However, several of the mods seem to be still in beta for 1.7. They are as listed: -Thermal Expansion -Redstone Arsenal -Minefactory Reloaded -Nether Ores -Galacticraft -MFFS -Resonant Induction (Which seems to be the replacement for Atomic Science.) -Equivalent Exchange 3 -Modular Powersuits The only mods that currently do not seem to have a 1.7 version are: -Dimensional Doors (Have not seen any activity from the modder about a 1.7 version.) -Vending Machine Blocks -OpenCCSensors -Open Peripherals NOTE: I may not be 100% accurate, so let me know if I need to correct anything I said.
  9. Did you know that having two rifts will spawn endless Enderman in which you can obtain plenty of ender pearls without worrying about having to search for them? The rifts that are created do not spread far and will remain contained in a small area. This can be used to also create endless amounts of world thread as well if you place renewable block, such as cobblestone, every time they are destroyed.
  10. So I teleported to my moon base via mystcraft books, and I noticed random patches of itemducts, liquiducts, and energy conduits around the base and they looked exactly how I piped my machines in the overworld. Is anyone else dealing with this weird anomaly? I went to them and they are legitimate items. It is hard to believe but it is true.
  11. There seems to be 4 different mods that have piping systems (which are Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, Extra Utilities, and Project Red). Which seems to be the most efficient one?
  12. So me and my friends are playing on my server; however, when my other friend joins Tekkit for the first time, I try to log in and I get a bad login. I tried restarting my launcher but it doesn't work.
  13. I'm trying to get my Reactor Cell to produce steam, but the water is not boiling and the turbines will not spin anymore. Also the temperature stays around 300K when there is no fuel rod inside. How do I get it to work? I mean I had no problems before the patch, but now no power is being produced. Edit: Now they turn, but I have no control rods cooling it down. The reactor is at its max temp but it does not explode. What's going on?!
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