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My first train stations! (ideas/questions/comments welcome)

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So i set about making a train system on my server without copying anyone else's designs, and here's what i've come up with:

I've made a bunch of changes since that video, for instance i got rid of the unneeded switch motors on the last station, upgraded the straight lines to high speed, built a surface station and a east-west line, and converted the first station to have the elevator to the surface. I thought it'd be helpful for others and myself to document the stations as i made them though, so this is the initial setup of them.

I have a lot of plans for the future, i was going to replace my wire staircase with red alloy wire, which should greatly simplify the layout, as well as switch to a tekkit nor gate rather than a traditional layout. I welcome anyone's feedback or questions on these creations. I'm always looking for a new perspective on these kinds of things. I have a lot more stuff coming that i'll post about when I have the videos made, I made an automatic wheat farm based on the wiki tutorial but with some tweaks, as well as an automatic feed for my girlfriends gravity kill mob spawner. Thanks! I may post recruitment threads in the other forum at a later date, with my bandwidth and the very simple server setup i'm not looking to open it up fully at this point. If you reaaaally want in PM me though.

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