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Copy Parts from old to new world


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Hi ppl,

im pretty new to all this Tekkit and so i created some Problems i need to fix.

We started a Server build some pretty nice stuff without cheating and totally destroyed our server performance with nether lava pumps. We alrdy reseted the nether but now there are no netherores in it. Also the new Dimensional Doors wont spawn near our base. Im sure its caused through the chunk creation system.

And now i wanted to create a whole new world to get everything new etc. after editing the world with MCEdit i got the key error (Key x not found)at...

After closing MCEdit all blocks from tekkit were gone. I still have a Backup.

Can someone plz tell me how to copy a part of my world with mcedit? I want to keep all my tekkit blocks. Do i need a Plugin? What did i wrong?

Hope u can help me!

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