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[1.1.3] Factional World[Factions][letsplay][teams][Conflicts/raids][15 Slots]


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Server IP:

  • Server rules: Enjoy the server, Dont whine when ur shit is destroyed, dont sit and camp at spawn to kill peope.
  • Voltz pack Changes:
    No changes have been taken other than a few plugins,(LSW) they simply allow players to protect their machines, and chests when offline simply do /cprivate name

Commands: /cprivate name..., /cremoveall, /f create (Creates your factions)

  • Restrictions: Antimatter explosives, Red-matter explosives and hypersonic explosives are disabled
  • Information: Made the server for some friends but decided to open it up. Everyone is playing fair, even myself(Well depends if you call raiding fair haha)
  • The server is usually up all the time (VPS), but may go down for abit for maintenance and plugins.
  • Anyone can join, as long as they dont spam the chat about whining or they will be banned.

Enjoy the server, if you spam me or ask for admin etc I will ignore you as I even play fair without spawning/creative as its been disabled by a plugin.

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