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[3.1.2]AngryGecko.NET[PvP/PvE][Factions][70 slots][All Mods Enabled][20k World][Dedicated HW]


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How to Join us

Server IP = mc.angrygecko.net:25565

Web Page = www.angrygecko.net

What We Are About

We started AngryGecko.NET because we played on a different PVP factions server that was constantly having performance issues. The owner (me) and primary admin of our server do systems performance tuning for a living so we've applied that knowledge to this server. We aren't guaranteeing perfect performance but we can assure you we aim for this to be the highest quality server we can make it.

Server Performance

We started out by purchasing a physical server with the following specs

8 x 3.6Ghz CPU cores


4 x 156GB 15k SAS drives running in RAID10

1 x 156GB 15k SAS drive for hotspare

1 x 2TB SATA drive for online Disk-to-disk backups

Redundant active/active power supplies

We run the server on a ramdisk and optimized access to prevent duplication of IO across the file system. We perform 4 hour scheduled reboots to clear out java leaks. We've done some Java performing tuning. This is just the high level snapshot of our dedication to the project.

The Network

We also purchased dedicated rackspace in a data center that sits directly on the Internet backbone. We are 1 hop from main-line AT&T/Verizon/Sprint backbone connectivity. This link is 100Mb/s for both inbound and outbound.


Excluding scheduled maintenance reboots, we are shooting for a 100% uptime. Obviously this is near impossible given the nature of minecraft, tekkit, and Java but hey it's a goal :) The hardware sits in a dedicated data center and has redundancies throughout so it won't be down for any hardware/connectivity issues.


Rules are pretty straight forward. They are found HERE.

Disabled Mods


Banned Items

We've taken the time to explain why we ban items. If these reasons change we may allow them in the future. Check out our banned items list HERE.


CombatTag - We don't like people logging out when they are in PVP.

Essentials - Yes all your favorite commands will be here :)

Factions - I highly suggest you read up on how this plugin works. Awesome awesome functionality

ModDamage - We are attempting to make all weapons viable options on the server. I don't like seeing everyone run around in the same armor with the same weapon.

McBans - I bring this up because if you have a bad rep you won't be joining us.

Current community

Our community is being built. Perhaps you can shape the way it will turn out? Adults play on our server so keep that in mind if you are young and want to play. I won't turn away young people but you should seek your parents permission before playing. Be sure to read our terms of service.

Client Side mods

None required.

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