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Suggested Optifine ver for 6.0?


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I'm new here, and I've tried searching for an answer to this inquiry and haven't found anything yet, so I apologize if this has been asked/answered/beaten to death/etc. I was trying to find out which version of Optifine would be compatible with the 6.0 update. I started by trying A4 HD Ultra, but minecraft wouldn't load, then I decided to try with the version I was running under 5.9, D3 Ultra, and that (as I expected it to) didn't work either.

Anyone have success with adding Optfine to version 6.0, and if so which version?

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Tekkit Lite is still on 1.4.7

Ah, well in any case, launcher is glitching out, won't allow me to manually select 6.0, just keeps reverting to 5.9. Getting:

Stack Trace:

Exception: NullPointerException

Message: null





Not to derail my own topic or anything lol.

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They had some complications with the launcher when they released the new rcommended build (0.6.1). Try redownload the launcher from the website to make sure you have the latest build and try agian to start up tekkit lite

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