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[0.6.1] CIA Tekkit server| No banned items|60slots| Epic Guys


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Welcome to CIA Tekkit PvP Raid Server !!!

IP: CIA.Jargen.co.uk:25566

Teamspeak IP: CIA.Jargen.co.uk


This is one of our unique servers hosted on minecraft created by a elite team of server hosts

Jargen [the brains] [Now left the team]

Milky [the nerd]

Pete[me the manic]

Now what do i do? Battle your way though the wastelands of Craftia and become the the king of the world, use your advance machinery to your advantage to become the most elite player and dominate the lands of Craftia.


No cheats, hacks or exploits

No spamming chat

No advertising

Do not abuse staff, we are here to help

No excessive use of bad language

No combat logging

And Last Of All Our Main Rule Have fun!

So know your wondering whats so good about this server?

Well for one

  • Epic Players and staff

  • 8gb ram [not much you think well think again]

  • Drop parties every Friday night

  • No banned items = unlimited fun

  • No mods removed from the pack

  • Awesome donation packs

  • Many many more !! want to see the how it is join now!! IP CIA.jargen.co.uk:25566


We are running on the latest version of bukkit/forgemod and running the core plugins to make the server what it is today

  • Essentials [Keep everything in order]

  • Group Manager [Part of essentials]

  • Auto Message System [To keep you up to date on the news about the server]

  • Worldedit [For development of the server]

  • Worldguard [To stop the grief and add flags to areas]

Many many more little plugins


None have been selected yet

Are you 24/7 ?

Theres only one answer to that and its a YES we like to keep the server as stable as possible so they may be restarts and such though out the day, But if the server goes down don't panic as we will be on the job as soon as we hear about the down time and such

Will the world be reset?

NO, The only time the world will be reset if the back ups fail or and the world file is badly corrupted but 90% of the time its a simple error

Pictures of the community will be added soon to give you guys a look and see how things role out

Well seems like iv covered everything so far [if there is anything you wish to know or missing contact me either on TS or on here in the reply's or private message

We will be looking forward to see you guys in the game

Peace out

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