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Help with update to 0.6.1

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Good Morning!

You might be a bit confused why one could need help for this update, but first, let me tell you how it works (or had to work till last week) on my server:

I've rented a server at nitrado.de (a german hoster). It's not that bad, but you always have to mess with the host itself. For instance: as i wanted to play tekkit lite with my friends (0.5.7), i found out, that i had to rename "tekkitlite.jar" into "minecraft_server.jar", or else the server wont get loaded by the shitty webinterface nitrado offers. This was no problem in 0.5.7, as there was only the "tekkitlite.jar" and no "minecraft_server.jar".

But now, updating to 0.6.1, i have a problem which you may see already :

I still need to rename the "tekkitlite.jar" to run the server (as far as i can see) which i just cannot do -> conflict with the existing "minecraft_server.jar" of tekkitlite 0.6.1

I hope someone has an idea for me to fix this.


PS: As i'm german, i want to say sorry, just in case that my english is hard to understand. In germany we favour sentences in legnth of 3+ lines ;)


With nitrado as host, u have to do the following steps. Maybe they will work with your host too, if your have the same issues as i had.

1. backup your server per ftp

2. set the server to tekkit installation (worked through the webinterface that i had)

3. delete the content of the new tekkitfolder

4. copy the old tekkitlite server files into that new and empty folder

5. update that tekkitlite server (exchange coremods, mods, minecraft_server,jar etc.)

6. rename tekkitlite.jar into tekkit.jar

7. have fun with it

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