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Energy bridges?


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Hi all,

I was on 0.5.7 before updating to 0.6.1 I had a few electric engine converting eu to mj.. As we all know they were removed from 0.6.1 and we should use energy bridges.. I don't fully understand them and i didn't find anything worthwhile on the wiki either. But i got to the point where I added a consumer MV IC and a producer BC. Other than the fact that I replaced one block (the electric engine) to 3 blocks I found a problem, I have an MFE that to the right has all ic2 machines and to the left after the bridge has thermal expansion machines running on BC..

How do I stop the bridge from converting too much energy so the pipes wouldn't explode . I tried a lever next to it in hopes of turning it off but no luck.. Other than using redstone conduits which don't explode, is there any other way to turn them off.. And also without breaking off a piece of the piping lol

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I guess the only thing to do is placing the BC producer adjecent to the machine you want to power.

But you could also place the BC producer right adjecent to a Redstone energy cell and then use power conduits from there.

Anothing thing I've read on the forum post is that producers without connections won't produce power. Try something with that too.

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I have like a set of thermal expansion machines next to each other for example induction smelter then a pulverizor then a powered furnace and so on.. If i powered one of them will the energy transfer between them? and about the redstone cell that's just a work around nothing direct.. Would be easier to use redstone conduits.

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