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Please help! Tekkit lite errors!

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I have been experiencing these errors today and suddenly my machines will not work, and I cannot get it to stop. I did nothing new, there was a quarry running on with a steam engine (whatever the new steam engine is called) and the normal level 1 IC machines with the middle tier battery box.

Attached picture of the spam I am getting. I also tried removing entities using MC edit, and I am running 6.1 of Tekkit lite


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The only time I've ever seen an error like that is when I had a chunk error at the location of the creatures that were being spawned. I would while in game go to those locations and see if there is a chunk error there. ( you can see them in MCEdit, but it is harder to see. ) so log into your server and go to x=141.5 , y=43 , z=273.50 If you see a giant dark square then that is a chunk error. You can easily fix it using MCEdit by deleting the chunk and then recreating the chunk after it is gone. ( also note that if you have anything important there it will probably be messed up).

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