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Server list doesn't cut it


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I came here to ask about finding servers, but I saw the thread titled "Do Not Ask Others To Find You A Tekkit Server" I went to the linked threads and after much searching found a server that, although way under populated, at least matched the criteria I had. Then it shut down after a couple of days. The lists on this forum are not searchable so if you are looking for something specific it takes ages to find anything. In addition to that servers that are no longer active are not necessarily updated on the thread, so even when you finally find one that you like it may not exist anymore. tekkitserverlist.com is also nice but you can only search for one tag at a time so if you are searching for multiple criteria it still means reading through a list tens or hundreds of pages long.

I realise the reason for not being allowed to ask for servers in this forum is probably because it gets spammed with such requests and becomes unusable.

What I would like is for someone to direct me to a place where I can find a server with the settings I am looking for or at least a place where I can ask others if they know of such a server. The server list threads are simply not a viable resource for what I need.

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