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[3.1.2] Cryptic-Craft [PvP/Factions/Raid/Grief] [150 Slots] [Economy]


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1.No Hacking/Glitching

2.No Racism or Sexism

3.No Mob farms

4.No EMC Duping

5.No Drop Parties

6.No PvP Logging

7.No Spamming/Advertising

8.No Modding

9.No Scamming

10.Read the banned items list

Banned Items:

1.World/Dimensional anchor

2.Tracking Gear


4.DM/RM Hammer

5.Divining Rod 2&3

6.Catalytic Lens

7.All Catalysts

8.All amulets

9.Gem Armour

10.All rings except for Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale and Archangel’s Smite

11.Block Breakers

12.Tranmutation tablet

13.Watch of Flowing Time

14.RM Katar

15.RM Morningstar


17.Tank/anchor cart

18.Mining Turtle

19.Mining Laser


21.Feeding Station

22.Tunnel bore and bore heads

23.Work Cart

24.All Alarms

25.Frame Motor

26.DM Pedestal

27.Tesla Coil

Main Plugins:








On our Cryptic-Craft server we try to be online as much as we can and provide as much beginner support as possible. Our plugins include buycraft, economy, factions+ and many more that you can find out about if you join us. As well as these plugins we also have a ranking feature which enables you to show your grit in the survival wilderness by paying for the ranks through voting, killing mobs en mass and selling your items at shops. This ranking system allows you to gain faction power as well which adds to the total faction power of any faction you choose to join or create, eventually leading you to be the most powerful, fearful faction on the server. The question is; do you have what it takes to do so? We also have donator ranks which allow you to have an advantage above other players at a much earlier stage by paying for it using real money at reasonable prices.

Uptime= 24/7

Anyone can join.

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