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  1. its been a long time but r u guys ever gonna make a server for the tekkit classic? -dontworryimwhite
  2. IGN - DontWorryImWhite AGE: 14 GMT=/-: -southern time(florida) Something about yourself: I like tekkit and I want to try out the new update of it Secret" No quarries in Main World"
  3. is there even a way to get the seed from tekkit into minecraft??? because tekkit has more stuff in minecraft, like machines.
  4. Persian_person the only reason u don't have any commands cuz they haven't had any, I joined and Richard said we will hopefully get the commands down by the end of the month. NOBODY PANIC, paperboy all u have to do is go to REGULAR MINECRAFT and the server ip is it might not allow you to get I think its whitelisted temp. there I think that all u guyz need to know.
  5. :D I figured out what to do.. paperboy all that bukkit is,is regular minecraft so go to minecraft and type in the same server ip as before
  6. paperboy first it says now bukkit that's the reason y u cat get in and is the bukkit server even good Persian_person????
  7. what, how do u play bukkit??? it just seems like u can only make a server.... idk
  8. :OOOODDDD guyz got it fixed?, cuz the server was up but I couldn't get in because of very low connection.???
  9. idfk but I am not moving to bukkit even for this server I love tekkit ttoooo much, u have any servers Persian_person???
  10. oh yeh and u can also contact me if u have xbox live, GT is :The L3GIT One and if u send me a friend request tell me what ur tekkit username is first. and I also have Skype but I still need to get a mic.
  11. and If the server goes to bukkit I had a really great time on ur guyz server, good luck..... and if anyone wants to contact me, my gmail is [email protected](dont forget im DontWorryImWhite)
  12. can anyone plz tell me if we will be moving to bukkit or stay to tekkit and if we still have our rank also if the ip is the same??? that would be great -DontWorryImWhite
  13. nnnnooooooo I would rather there just to be a map reset, and I have no clue what bukkit is. :,(