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Why did my fission reactor turn to obsidian while I was away?


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I was still in the process of remodeling with blast proof walls and wiring redstone to a room for the siren and the control rod and all this stuff...and for what? My fission reactor to turn to a piece of obsidian. Why did this happen????!?

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Likely it overheated. When they do they turn into a source block of lava. If you had water around it then the lava turns to obsidian in the same way natural lava does when water is dropped over it.

Was there any other sign of the reactor having blown up? Damage to the area or radioactive waste around it?

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lol ty for the replies but I did figure it out after my friend yelled at me.....I should've wired the thermometer to the piston that had the control rod....whatever!

Also, there was no damage, my remodeling covered it. That's why I didn't realize it blew up.

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