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[1.0.11] Random-Craft VoltZ Server [Factions] [McMMO] [No lag]


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Become an electrician today, and join our voltz server! We have plugins like factions and McMMO to make it all fun!

Server IP:

Our rules:

No hacking

Respect Admin

No Spamming(chat)

Griefing is NOT allowed

Raiding a faction is

And all other basic server rules.

We removed no mods in this server. We only banned red matter explosives. This server is up 24/7. This is a PVP and raiding server. Expect missiles to come your way if you see an enemy is near your base. So far no players online have been mean.

Our spawn is not so great, but it keeps the missiles away. We are currently trying to get a plugin to work that will randomly spawn you somewhere on the map within 1000 blocks of spawn, so your not spawn killed.



Chestshop - Create your own shops. You can also buy/sell stuff at spawn.



Essentials Pack

Factions - Create your factions, invite people, and conqoure the server!

LWC - Chest Locking. Your chests will auto-unlock if you are raided.

MCMMO - Level up on skills to unlock skills :P

Multiverse Pack

PVPTimer - Just died? You have 10 minutes of no PVP.


AutoMessager - Letting you know the server news

WorldBorder - Preventing people from lagging out the server

TekkitCustomizer - Actually not for only tekkit. Works on every server. This allows me to ban items.

Our world border is 52K on all worlds. If the world border needs to be extending it will be. We usually have about 6 players on all time, topping about 18 people on at one time a day. This server runs on 4GB RAM, with no lag(At least for me).

We plan to upgrade to a host soon, but we need more players first. When we do get a host, There server will have 36-52 slots. We will also be doing some more advertising for the server soon.

We hope you plan to join us! Have a great day!

Our Server Spawn:


A players faction base:


Server Shop:


Also, we will keep this server updated to the RECOMMEND VERSION. We may also be creating a creative voltz server to allow you to build the best of machines.

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