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  1. IP: factions.random-craft.com Random-Craft Tekkit Classic servers--Factions Edition. Here at this sever we provide a unique factions experience with the famous Tekkit Classic modpack. The server was started on 3/28/14 and plans to keep going on for a while. We have one world--the raiding world. Factions is the primary plugin. Raiding and griefing is allowed(cause it's factions). Certain items have been nerfed, including Quantum Armour(You know why...). PVP combat logging is enabled. Nano Sabers have been buffed up. We are a very fair factions server that aims to be the best. Come and join us now! (Votifier coming soon) - Virtually lag free - Average of 18+ TPS - 30+ Plugins - 20 Slots total(+ any donor reservations) - Nearly 96%+ uptime Unique Features: - Industrial Credits can be traded for money(1 IC = 10) - IC credits are dropped randomly by mobs(no crafting them) - Nano armour only holds 75000EU(not the normal 100000EU) - Quantum armour is only 2x better than nano(meaning it holds 150000EU) - Nano Saber holds 60000EU(not the normal 40000EU) - Nukes are nerfed to about 2x TNT - Destruction catalyst and destruction catalyst nerfed - Timers can go down to 0.8 - 20 Slots(Will be upgraded soon) Mods Banned: none Perma-Banned Items: - Ring of Arcana(A big mess..) - Ring of Ignition/Harvest Goddess Band - Gem armour - Power Teleport Pipes(Crashes) - DM Pedestal(Lag) - Watch of Flowing Time *Restricted Items. Format=item:rank its unlocked: - Usage of water/lava(buckets):Member - Nukes:Member - Dynamite,Cannons:Member - Lava/Water Amulet:Experienced - Black Hole Band:Experienced - Desturction Catalyst/Catalytic Lens:Experienced - Void Ring:Donors - World Anchors:Donors *Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban. Donor Perks: - Multiple Homes - Color, magic, and chat format - Special Kits - /me, /back - Colors in signs - Disguise as: chickens, pigs, cows, silverfish, ect. - Perms to make/use void ring - Teleport cooldown bypass - /nick - /near, /ext, /weather - Use of world anchors RULES: [1] No hacking, spamming, or advertising [2] No harrasing anyone! [3] Respect the staff [4] No repetitive killing(E.I Killing the same person 5 times in a row) [5] No AFK machines! [6] Make sure your machines are properly built and do not spit items [7] No X-Ray or duping [8] No asking for any ranks Failure to follow the rules will result in banning! Auto-Ranks: Guest: Less than 12 hours playtime on the server. Member: Obtain after 12 hours of playtime. Experienced: Obtain after 48 hours of playtime. Come and join us! We would love to have another player with us playing! IP: factions.random-craft.com Website: www.random-craft.com By the way, moderators or any other higher rank have no teleporting powers. This is to prevent staff abuse.
  2. We've gotten a full players shops up and running so you can buy that extra copper wire you don't want to make!
  3. Server has undergone some new changes, one of which included a new world! Come check the server out. New Stuff: - Anti-Grief system - World - Auto-Ranks are a little easier to get - More staff - More anti-lag systems put in place
  4. It's an error that's happened twice now. Trying to locate the source. Should be up now.
  5. For the clearlag, there is no tekkit version that supports the warning before it cleans up. And if you use one that does it fails to load on tekkit. So the maker of clearlag made me this file to work with tekkit. Thought it might help anyone. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104089738/Tekkit%20Clearlag/tekkit-clearlag.jar
  6. IP: classic.random-craft.com Average Players: Weekends: 5-15 Weekdays: Less than 10 The whole server has recently had many changes(as of March 1st). An old world was deleted. Along with that we have implemented a new anti-griefing system that will guarantee your stuff is safe. New plugins ensure less lag. Come join us! - Virtually lag free - Average of 18+ TPS - 30+ Plugins - 32 Slots total(+ any donor reservations) - Nearly 96%+ uptime(Proof here, here, and here) Features - 32 Slots - Essentials, Economy, mcMMO, GriefPrevention, AutoRanks - In-game Server Shops - Resource world(ThePit), Protection world(Beta), and Spawn - Eco awards for killing things - All hacks have been patched - EEPatch installed, meaning EE items are fully controlled by the server and cannot go through protections - Only 5 items banned - Nuke blast radius is decreased to reduce lag *Mods Banned: none *Items Banned: - Harvest Goddess Band - Black Hole Band - Watch of Flowing Time - Ring of Ignition - Dark Matter Pedestal *Restricted Items: - Catalytic Lens - Can craft/own at Master rank - Destruction Catalyst - Can craft/own at Master rank - Evertide Amulet/Lava Amulet - Can craft/own at Experienced rank - Ring of Arcana - Can craft/own at Veteran rank - Cannon - Can craft/own at Member rank - Dynamite - Can craft/own at Member rank *Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban. Donor Perks - Able to join FULL servers - /back, /me, /hat - Set 3 homes - Colors in chat/signs - Tekkit Kits(essential tekkit items such as silver and redstone) - KeepXP on death - and more! RULES [1] Be respectful to all players and staff [2] Any machines that cause lag(or spit items) may be removed from the server. [3] No Excessive Profanity [4] No Hacking/X-Ray/Duping [5] No spamming, advertising, or player harassment [6] No raiding, griefing, or stealing [7] Do not claim near claims [8] Do NOT burn people with lasers! [9] NO AFK MACHINES [10] No asking for any ranks Auto-Ranks Newb: Less than 1 days playtime on the server. Member: Obtain after 1 days of playtime. Experienced: Obtain after 7 days of playtime. Master: Obtain after 14 days of playtime. Veteran: Obtain after 30 days of playtime. Come and join us! We would love to have another player with us playing! IP: classic.random-craft.com Website: www.random-craft.com
  7. Sorry for the late response, I didn't receive an email that someone responded. Come and join!
  8. Both accepted. Come and join in. It's a little empty, but hopefully you can keep each other company until we get some more people playing regularly. Have fun!
  9. IP: THIS IS A BRAND NEW SERVER The random-craft comminity started nearly 3 years ago. Since then, our servers have risen and fallen. Nearly 8 months ago we had a classic tekkit server that fell. Today, I am trying again. This time, I am creating a fully customized tekkit server. When creating this server, I thought wether or not I should include factions, because some people like it, and others don't. After a while, I decided to go with both factions and a griefprotection. I limited fractions to one world* and limited grief protecting to another**. *Alpha **Beta Currently the server is hosted on my home pc, but don't worry, I think it should handle the first few weeks just fine. My pc runs on 16GB of ram and will be giving the server max 5GB to run. I leave my pc on 24/7 so theres no need to worry about downtime. And your connection should be fine, taking note of my 20MBps/Upload internet speed. I will get a pro host after the first donation goal has been met. View it on random-craft.com/donate ----------------------- - Virtually lag free - 30+ Plugins - Auto-Rank ups - 42 Slots total - 32 Slots, 10 reserved for donators(42 total) - Essentials, PVP World(Factions) and a NON-PVP World(Grief Protection), Economy, LWC, mcMMO - Chest Shop With items from most mods! - No banned mods or items!(See Below)* - Plot worlds, No-Factions world, Factions world, and a resource world! - Eco awards for killing things! - RandomSpawn - No Whitelist on Weekends! *Some may be restricted to donator ranks only Mods Banned: none Items Banned: - All Turtles : Go through protections Restricted Items: - Dim Anchors : Only Donor+ and up can have/make these. - Crystal Chest : Donor and up only Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban. - Reserved Slot - /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /tpahere, /back - Set 3 homes - Colors in chat - Tekkit Kits(essential tekkit items such as silver and redstone) - Colored Nametag - KeepXP on death - And many more! - AcceptRules - AutoMessage - AutoRank - Rank up and gain some perks - Auto-Whitelist - boosCoolDowns - ClearLag - Helps keep the server lag down - Enijn Plugin - Essentials Stuff - FactionsChat - Factions - Factions for world Alpha - GreifPreventation - Protection for world Beta - ItemRestrict - Banning of items - McMMO - MoneyDrop - Get money for killing mobs - Multiverse/Core/Inv/Portals - MyCommand - NameTags - PlotMe - Random-Spawn - SignShop - Create simple chest shops - SimpleReserve - Reserve slots for donors - TagAPI - VanishNoPacket - Vault - WorldBorder - WorldEdit - WorldGuard - Protection - DeathChest - Available to all people because ClearLag clears inventory. Chest will be placed where you die with your stuff-if you have a chest in your inventory. 1.No Advertising 2.No Spamming 3.No Harassment/Bullying 4.No Hacking/X-Ray Mods. THIS INCLUDES NO DUPING 5.No Excessive Profanity 6.No Asking for OP/Mod/Admin 7.No arguing with Staff 8.Respect Staff 9.No Lag Machines! 10.Keep worlds clean. Having a multi-world server will allow all players to be able to enjoy the type of gameplay they like on one big server. Chat is World-Chat locked. WB=World Border Spawn - This is where you spawn upon joining for the first time. WB: 500 Plots - Buy your own plot and make a shop or something! - In progress The Pit - Mining world. Quarries, Mining Turtles, TNT, and Mining Wells are only allowed here. Regenerated Monthly. WB: 5000 The Nether - Its really just the nether... WB: 2500 Alpha - Main world. Involves griefing and factions. WB: 10000 Beta - Anti-Grief World. Protect your own plots and never worry about griefers. No Factions allowed here. HawkEye and LogBlock is enabled here for your protection. WB: 10000 Thepit, Alpha, and Beta are inventory linked. Newb: Less than 2 days playtime on the server. Member: Obtain after 2 days of playtime. Perks: Use of DeathChest Experienced: Obtain after 4 days of playtime. Perks: 2 Sethomes Master: Obtain after 7 days of playtime. Perks: Use of dynamite Veteran: Obtain after 30 days of playtime. Only works in world: beta To claim land, you need a golden shovel. Once you have this, you can begin. Claiming is extremely simple, you just right click one corner of your land, and right click a second time at the opposite corner of the claim. Do not let go of the shovel or it will reset the claiming process. Once claimed, a gold and glowstone border will appear. This is the protected area. If this server interests you, you can apply for a whitelist. In Game Name: Name: How much experience with a modded mc do you have: Why you want to join us: Anything Else?:
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong section. I am planning to start up a tekkit server soon but I need to be able to restrict items from being crafted unless they have permissions. Is there a certain plugin for Tekkit out there or will the bukkit plugins work for this? Tekkit Customizer and Tekkit Restrict are for Tekkit Classic, so I cannot use those. Thanks for any help
  11. Hey, Zombiephood here, I was just wondering when the server might be back up

  12. I need a plugin made where I can select an area where no breaking of blocks can be caused by ANYTHING. Only Ops can break blocks, and any missiles, grenades or explosives in this selected area will also drop to the floor as an item. Maybe if you wanted to add in things you can set in a settings.yaml what items are allowed in the area. I am also looking for a full-time coder for my servers, contact me if your up for the job(you may get paid).
  13. Become an electrician today, and join our voltz server! We have plugins like factions and McMMO to make it all fun! Server IP: Our rules: No hacking Respect Admin No Spamming(chat) Griefing is NOT allowed Raiding a faction is And all other basic server rules. We removed no mods in this server. We only banned red matter explosives. This server is up 24/7. This is a PVP and raiding server. Expect missiles to come your way if you see an enemy is near your base. So far no players online have been mean. Our spawn is not so great, but it keeps the missiles away. We are currently trying to get a plugin to work that will randomly spawn you somewhere on the map within 1000 blocks of spawn, so your not spawn killed. Plugins: Buycraft Chestshop - Create your own shops. You can also buy/sell stuff at spawn. ClearLag CombatTag Essentials Pack Factions - Create your factions, invite people, and conqoure the server! LWC - Chest Locking. Your chests will auto-unlock if you are raided. MCMMO - Level up on skills to unlock skills Multiverse Pack PVPTimer - Just died? You have 10 minutes of no PVP. Worldedit/Worldguard AutoMessager - Letting you know the server news WorldBorder - Preventing people from lagging out the server TekkitCustomizer - Actually not for only tekkit. Works on every server. This allows me to ban items. Our world border is 52K on all worlds. If the world border needs to be extending it will be. We usually have about 6 players on all time, topping about 18 people on at one time a day. This server runs on 4GB RAM, with no lag(At least for me). We plan to upgrade to a host soon, but we need more players first. When we do get a host, There server will have 36-52 slots. We will also be doing some more advertising for the server soon. We hope you plan to join us! Have a great day! Our Server Spawn: A players faction base: Server Shop: Also, we will keep this server updated to the RECOMMEND VERSION. We may also be creating a creative voltz server to allow you to build the best of machines.
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