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[0.6.1] Zephyr [PvP/PvE][24/7][MCPC+]


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Welcome fellow Minecrafters to our Zephyr Tekkit Lite Server!

We are a PvP/RPG based server. We strive to bring you the best minecraft experience that we, the staff, can bring to your computer screen! We offer a wide variety of plugins such as: Factions, Spawner, Mcmmo, and MagicSpells!

Here, at Zephyr we are a very friendly community.

We expect our players to be mature, respectful, friendly, and most of all fun

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Dimensional Doors has been causing internal server errors so it is also disabled until we can find a fix. Treeca. has also been disabled.

Mystcraft books have been disabled for players but the ages will be used for server events.

RULES: 1. Don't ask admins for items/favors 2. Minimal Grief 3. No exploits or hacks 4. No third party software 5. No lag machines 6. No spawn griefing 7. No combat logging 8. No spawn killing

BANNED ITEMS (Subject to change): -Mining Lasers -Nukes - Dimensional Anchors -Dynamite -Cannons

Server IP: Uptime: 24/7

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Woo! Love this server! ^,^ I've played it for a decent amount of time, and have had nothing but awesome experiences. If you're reading this you should stop reading and start playing right now! :D

P.S That Dork guy or whatever his name is, is just mad that I raided him too hard. Owner is awesome!

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