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[0.6.1]Themans[75 slots][survival PvP/PvE][Factions][Iconomy][No whitelist][all mods are included]


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The Mans Server


1.Greifing,raiding, and killing are allow

2. No asking for op or mod or admin you will be earn

3 NO spawning things

no mods have been remove

no banned items

Have fun


The mans server is

a server where you will raid, grief, kill, and explore the land. And come and join me and my friends.


1 iconomy

2 world edit

3 essentails

no whitelist or greylist this is a open server so you and me can have fun.

There will be a wall where its called the wall of goals.

The wall of goals

Put goals and you finish it you earn



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why the heck was i banned i made the pacman course and then i just got banned for no reason so im just saying wtf

when r u comingback on please come back i need ur help for the pacman some1 blew it up so can u help again and forgive them

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