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Who Wants To Set Up A Bukkit SMP Server With Me?


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As the title says, I need someone to set up a tekkit server for me. You get to be owner, you must have Skype, you must make me co-owner, the banned item list has to be short, the server must be 24/4 (or close to), it must have good plug-ins, and the server has to have at least 50 slots. If you are wondering why I cant do this myself, my computer doesn't have enough space and I cant find certain files on my computer. if you want to be a bro and help me create a server, post a reply to this thread. Thanks! :)

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The things you demand are nearly impossible to do on a PC at someone's home, and external hosting services ask money for servers.

Also: do not try to create a server if you know nothing about servers, plugins, bukkit and stuff, what if the server crashes? what then? You can't fix it because you had someone else set it up for you.

I recommend you read/watch a few tutorials, get a little technical knowledge and try something yourself.

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