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MASSIVE FIND (424,494 EMC/s)

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Well I was just trying some things out, when I stumbled upon what may be the greatest EMC farm known to exist.

This farm gives you almost creative mode status, because it takes 1.1 seconds to make one rm, or 71.1 seconds to make a stack. If any of you have heard of the powered rail emc farm, you may have seen it used with maybe 10 or so pistons, but I have carefully constructed and built what I believe is the most efficient version yet.

My farm features a whopping 86 total pistons, and each one of them is contributing, meaning there is going to be no extra rails lying around causing lag. The farm is incredibly cheap, as all you really need are pistons and powered rails.

I was thinking of doing a video or step by step tutorial on how to build this beast, I might actually if people here want me to. Comment on this post if you actually want me to create a video/word tutorial, so that I'm not wasting my time making one and then nobody watches it. Thank you for your time.

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