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424,494 EMC/s Farm Noob-Friendly Tutorial (Singleplayer Only)

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Hello everybody as you may have noticed in my previous post, I was talking about an amazing farm I discovered, a 424,494 EMC/s farm. Now I decided that I would give you guys a tutorial and hopefully you all understand it.

*This farm works off the powered rail EMC farm but heavily modified. This means if you are going to make a small scale version, you will need at least 2 pistons with powered rails.

*This is SINGLEPLAYER ONLY. This WILL NOT work in multiplayer.

Now before we even start you are going to want to check in which direction said farm will work in. The rails are only created if the pistons are facing 2 of the 4 ways. Finding this is very simple, just copy what I did in the picture and see if it creates a lot of rails at once.


Easy enough, just connecting 2 pistons with a timer and a powered rail in front of each piston. If this does not create any rails, simply rotate this by 90 degrees, then it should work, and that's the direction you are going to begin working in.

*Sorry the image is on its side. It's not hard to understand. The rest of the images are fine though.


86 sticky pistons

86 powered rails

Any blocks that are easy to acquire (dirt, sand, cobblestone)

A timer

A lever

Around 2 stacks of red alloy wire (should be enough)

An alchemical chest

A Gem Of Eternal Density

A Black Hole Band

A 11x9 space, plus a bit more depending on where you want your lever to be

A brain

Ok now we have the materials, it's time to do work. Once you have a space cleared out, as shown here


Ok so we have the space dug out. Now place pistons on the longer side (the 11 long side) and you have to make sure they are facing in the direction that works. Leave one space away from the wall though.


Now you are going to place powered rails in front of the pistons, like so.


Alright now you're going to place down the alchemical chest right in the middle of the entire thing and place the gem of eternal density and the black hole band inside.



Ok so now before we make it larger (that's what she said) we are going to wire it up so that we know it works. Here you get more of a choice and you can place the timer and lever whereveer you want it. I recommend you don't place the red alloy wire right next to where the rails will be pushed or beside the lever. This is what I did.


So once everything is wired up what you want to do is place a block of dirt on every rail except for the ones at the very sides, so now on the next layer you have 9 dirt blocks, not 11. Do this for both sides and once its 9 long make it 3 wide in the direction of the pistons. Once you have done that do the exact same thing by placing pistons and rails and wiring them up in the same fashion.




Now once you have that done do one last layer the same way, except this time again leave out the pistons at the side, so the next layer has 7 pistons. This is the last layer.


Now you could actually leave this as is and it would make you 1 rm every 2 or 3 seconds, but we want it FASTER. Since we can't go any higher because the black hole band won't be able to suck it up, we now have to go UNDERGROUND. This is pretty much going to be the same thing, with the layer under being 9 pistons and the one under that 7, and then you're done the whole farm.

*Be careful to not break the block right under the powered rail on top, dig right under that block though. To help me I did this little canal right in the middle which is 3 deep for now, and I did break the block above the alchemic chest.


Now you simply want to break 3 blocks forward in both ways but remember the 1 high hole you are about to create is for the pistons so there has to be 9.


Here's a better view of what I did.


Alright so now you are going to place the pistons at the back and the powered rails, just like you did above, nothing difficult.


I accidentally made the pistons on both sides 1 block too far from the alchemic chest, so as a result I had to move everything one block in. Not hard, don't break everything, just shave off that last block at the sides and move everything to the middle one block more. It should look like this, with the dirt covering everything except for a 1 block wide "hallway" shape.


Now you have to wire up the pistons underground, so just dig down on the same ground where the wiring up above is, and wire the pistons. Again, nothing hard here.


Now you are going to go one layer lower, just like on top, and make it so that 7 pistons fit on each side. Then wire it up the exact same way.


So if you did everything correctly you should have no sticky pistons left (assuming you grabbed exactly 86) and you should now have 5 layers going in a pyramid shape on top and an upside down pyramid shape underground. If you hooked everything up correctly you can now turn it on and reap the rewards!

*Each powered rail has an EMC value of 2048, the equivalent of a golden ingot, which is how the red matter gets created so quickly.


Alright well that's it for me. Wow creating this tutorial has been quite an ordeal, took a long time. The idea is simple, but I tried to explain and give a screenshot for each step. Hope you all enjoyed and have fun with all the red matter!

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