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constant end of stream and server crash!

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hello, i was wondering what would be causing my server to crash, this started happening only recently and no matter what i do, i won't fix it.

- i boot the server

- server loads fine with plugins and all

- says "reached end of stream"

- server is still running fine

- begins to spam reached end of stream several times a minute.

- eventually a few hours later the console then gets a "read timed out" along with the end of stream at which point everyone on the server is kicked off and it crashes.

- once i close out and reboot it repeats the process.


1. removed everything (plugins, worlds) and started from scratch

2. redownloaded tekkit server

3. disabled antivirus in case of firewall issue

4. disabled nether ores (seems to not even boot if i enable that mod...)

5. disabled gun mods training dummies (quite glitchy little things)

even with all plugins removed, a fresh tekkit server installed, and new worlds generated, the error still keeps poping up, i thought at first it was a plugin but now i have no idea what to think.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

here's a recent log.

5:44:56 [iNFO] Copyright © SpaceToad, 2011

5:44:56 [iNFO] http://www.mod-buildcraft.com

5:44:56 [iNFO] [iC2] Loading IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x

5:44:56 [iNFO] [iC2] BuildCraft integration module loaded

5:44:56 [iNFO] [iC2] Loaded minor compatibility modules: none

5:44:56 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: turtleBlockID 216

5:44:56 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -40 item slot already occupied by dan200.turtle.share

.ItemTurtle@340ae1cf while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock@366ef7ba

5:44:56 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader load complete, 37 mods loaded

5:44:56 [iNFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-jenkins-Cr

ftBukkit-173 (MC: 1.2.5) (Implementing API version 1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT)

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftEnergy vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWiring vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftCore vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [buycraft] Loading Buycraft v4.7

5:44:57 [iNFO] [CCLogger] Loading CCLogger v3.0.0

5:44:57 [iNFO] [spamGuard] Loading SpamGuard v0.5

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmibisCore vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [backup] Loading Backup v2.0

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftFactory vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [CCPlugin] Loading CCPlugin v1.0

5:44:57 [iNFO] [TreeAssist] Loading TreeAssist v4.4

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_EE vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_TubeStuff vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_CCTurtle vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2NuclearControl vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [Votifier] Loading Votifier v1.9

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_ccSensors vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmiChunkLoaders vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_CompactSolars vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneCore vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2_ChargingBench vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_IronChest vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_MinecraftForge vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [WorldEdit] Loading WorldEdit v5.4.5

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerControl vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2 vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerMachine vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftBuilders vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLighting vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Loading WorldGuard v5.5.3

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWorld vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [TekkitCustomizer] Loading TekkitCustomizer v1.6

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_ComputerCraft vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftTransport vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_NotEnoughItems vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Loading CoreProtect v2.04

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_PowerConverters vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_AdditionalPipes vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [EndlessEnchant] Loading EndlessEnchant v1.0

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2AdvancedMachines vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_Railcraft vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerCore vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [ZavAutoMessager] Loading ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLogic vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_ModularForceFieldSystem vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [GriefPrevention] Loading GriefPrevention v5.5.1

5:44:57 [iNFO] [tekkitrestrict] Loading tekkitrestrict v1.13

5:44:57 [WARNING] Could not get information about this CraftBukkit version; per

aps you are running a custom one?: FileNotFoundException

5:44:57 [iNFO] [tekkitrestrict] [TekkitRestrict] Log filter Placed!

5:44:57 [iNFO] [tekkitrestrict] [TekkitRestrict] SQLite loaded!

5:44:57 [iNFO] [Freeze] Loading Freeze v1.4.1

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_EnderStorage vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [stopThatLag] Loading StopThatLag v0.2

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading mod_CodeChickenCore vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] Loading Balkon's WeaponMod vForgeMod

5:44:57 [iNFO] [Essentials] Loading Essentials vDev2.9.337

5:44:57 [iNFO] [MagicCarpet] Loading MagicCarpet v2.2.3 (FULL)

5:44:57 [iNFO] [EssentialsChat] Loading EssentialsChat vDev2.9.337

5:44:57 [iNFO] [EssentialsProtect] Loading EssentialsProtect vDev2.9.337

5:44:57 [iNFO] MLog clients using java 1.4+ standard logging.

5:44:57 [iNFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Loading EssentialsSpawn vDev2.9.337

5:44:57 [iNFO] Preparing level "tekkit world"

5:44:57 [iNFO] Default game type: 0

5:44:57 [iNFO] Registering world tekkit world, dimension 0, of providertype net

minecraft.server.WorldProviderNormal@674f1c67(0) with Minecraft Forge

5:44:57 [iNFO] Registering world tekkit world_the_end, dimension 1, of provider

ype net.minecraft.server.WorldProviderTheEnd@19d2052b(0) with Minecraft Forge

5:44:57 [iNFO] Registering world tekkit world_nether, dimension -1, of provider

ype net.minecraft.server.WorldProviderHell@70ee90b1(0) with Minecraft Forge

5:44:57 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: 5390644299877602321)

5:44:58 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 1 (Seed: 4556187164862139474)

5:44:58 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 2 (Seed: 4556187164862139474)

5:44:58 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 52%

5:44:58 [iNFO] [buycraft] Enabling Buycraft v4.7

5:44:59 [iNFO] [buycraft] Egnoring update due to auto update disabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [buycraft] Loaded 3 package(s) into the cache.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [buycraft] Plugin has been successfully enabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [CCLogger] Enabling CCLogger v3.0.0

5:44:59 [iNFO] [spamGuard] Enabling SpamGuard v0.5

5:44:59 [iNFO] SpamGuard version 0.5 is now enabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [backup] Enabling Backup v2.0

5:44:59 [iNFO] [CCPlugin] Enabling CCPlugin v1.0

5:44:59 [iNFO] [CCPlugin] CCPlugin version 1.0 enabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [TreeAssist] Enabling TreeAssist v4.4

5:44:59 [iNFO] [Votifier] Enabling Votifier v1.9

5:44:59 [iNFO] Votifier enabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldEdit] Enabling WorldEdit v5.4.5

5:44:59 [iNFO] WEPIF: Using the Bukkit Permissions API.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Enabling WorldGuard v5.5.3

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world) Lighters are PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world) Lava fire is blocked.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Loaded configuration for world 'tekkit world'

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_the_end) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_the_end) Lighters are PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_the_end) Lava fire is blocked.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_the_end) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Loaded configuration for world 'tekkit world_the_en


5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_nether) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_nether) Lighters are PERMITTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_nether) Lava fire is blocked.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] (tekkit world_nether) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] Loaded configuration for world 'tekkit world_nether

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] 4 regions loaded for 'tekkit world'

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] 0 regions loaded for 'tekkit world_the_end'

5:44:59 [iNFO] [WorldGuard] 0 regions loaded for 'tekkit world_nether'

5:44:59 [iNFO] [TekkitCustomizer] Enabling TekkitCustomizer v1.6

5:44:59 [iNFO] TekkitCustomizer: TekkitCustomizer enabled.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Enabling CoreProtect v2.04

5:44:59 [iNFO] CoreProtect version 2.04 is enabled!

5:44:59 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Using SQLite for data storage.

5:44:59 [iNFO] [EndlessEnchant] Enabling EndlessEnchant v1.0

5:44:59 [iNFO] [EndlessEnchant] Permission plugin not detected, defaulting to O


5:44:59 [iNFO] [ZavAutoMessager] Enabling ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1

5:44:59 [WARNING] [ZavAutoMessager] Could not save config.yml to plugins\ZavAut

Messager\config.yml because config.yml already exists.

5:45:00 [iNFO] ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1 has been enabled

5:45:00 [iNFO] ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1: Sending messages is now set to true

5:45:00 [iNFO] ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1 is not up to date. Check the latest versi

n on BukkitDev.

5:45:00 [iNFO] ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1 The latest version is currently 2.4

5:45:00 [iNFO] Thank you for using ZavAutoMessager v1.9.1 by the ZavTeam!

5:45:00 [iNFO] [GriefPrevention] Enabling GriefPrevention v5.5.1

5:45:00 [iNFO] GriefPrevention: Grief Prevention enabled.

5:45:00 [iNFO] GriefPrevention: 270 total claims loaded.

5:45:00 [iNFO] GriefPrevention: 116 players have staked claims.

5:45:00 [iNFO] [tekkitrestrict] Enabling tekkitrestrict v1.13

5:45:00 [iNFO] [tekkitrestrict] TekkitRestrict Reloaded!

5:45:00 [iNFO] [Freeze] Enabling Freeze v1.4.1

5:45:01 [iNFO] [Freeze] Enabled.

5:45:01 [iNFO] [Freeze] Searching for update...

5:45:01 [iNFO] Invalid URL or file.

5:45:01 [iNFO] [stopThatLag] Enabling StopThatLag v0.2

5:45:01 [iNFO] [stopThatLag] StopThatLag has been enabled.

5:45:01 [iNFO] [Essentials] Enabling Essentials vDev2.9.337

5:45:01 [iNFO] Bukkit version format changed. Version not checked.

5:45:01 [iNFO] git-Bukkit-jenkins-CraftBukkit-173 (MC: 1.2.5)

5:45:01 [iNFO] 1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT

5:45:01 [iNFO] Essentials: Using config based permissions. Enable superperms in


5:45:01 [iNFO] [MagicCarpet] Enabling MagicCarpet v2.2.3 (FULL)

5:45:01 [iNFO] [MagicCarpet] Loading carpets...

5:45:01 [iNFO] [MagicCarpet] is now enabled!

5:45:01 [iNFO] [EssentialsChat] Enabling EssentialsChat vDev2.9.337

5:45:01 [iNFO] [EssentialsProtect] Enabling EssentialsProtect vDev2.9.337

5:45:01 [iNFO] Initializing c3p0- [built 21-May-2007 15:04:56; debug? tr

e; trace: 10]

5:45:01 [iNFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Enabling EssentialsSpawn vDev2.9.337

5:45:01 [iNFO] Done (3.931s)! For help, type "help" or "?"

5:45:01 [iNFO] Starting GS4 status listener

5:45:01 [iNFO] registerSocket: java.net.DatagramSocket@3f21572b

5:45:01 [iNFO] Query running on

5:45:01 [iNFO] [Railcraft] Loaded 0 saved Anchors

5:45:01 [iNFO] --------------------

5:45:01 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Version 2.05 now available.

5:45:01 [iNFO] [CoreProtect] Download: Type "/co version" in-game.

5:45:01 [iNFO] --------------------

5:45:01 [iNFO] [sponsor] Unlimited MC Hosting: www.hosthorde.com

5:45:01 [iNFO] --------------------

5:45:48 [iNFO] Reached end of stream

5:45:53 [iNFO] / lost connection

5:46:32 [iNFO] Reached end of stream

5:47:19 [iNFO] Reached end of stream


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Ok first i dont know but what i can tell you is

My server always says "Reached end of stream" for no reason. Even when like 6-8 people are online playing (including me) without any affect Weird.?

my worst case senario right now is that my tekkit may be under attack. i opened up another server on a completly diffrent port. no plugins no nothing completly seprate from my current tekkit. and it started doing the same thing but not as much. i think i may either have a tracking virus or something but yeah im beginning to become anoyyed because my server crashes every few hours now...

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