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how to use the default player account on a tekkit lite server?

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hello. in tekkit classic and just plain minecraft,, my sister would join my server (which is on a computer in the same room) using the player account, which is used by going offline while logging in, and running in offline mode. I do have a paid premium account (not sure how to prove this, im not a pirate though). this method doesn't work in tekkit lite though. what happens is that even if she launches in offline mode (it asks if you want to play offline, and you click yes) it still ends up logging into my server with my name. im not sure how this happens. this may be an issue with the new launcher, but this occurs only in tekkit lite. is there a way to fix this? (btw, I have set offline mode in server config to false)

tl:dr how do join a lan server using the player account on tekkit lite 0.6.1?

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