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Nuclear reactor 'fuel dump'


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I'm attempting a fully automatic nuclear reactor by computer.

I'm not good at computercraft therefore it's all actually been done via wireless redstone and the computer just outputting redstone at different sides, anyway I currently have a fuel dump option where it gets rid of uranium from the reactor.

Once activated, an inverter will activate a timer on 0.2 seconds to quickly remove uranium using a filter, it can remove empty cells, uranium cells and near-depleated uranium cells but when the cells are being used with a sort of usage bar under them, the filter doesn't recognise these and doesn't remove these from the reactor.

Ofc, I could also just use a transposer but this will remove ice from the reactor too meaning I'd need to manually put the ice back in, otherwise if I just turn the cooler on the ice will be at the top of the reactor.

Any ideas guys?

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This is what I've come up with several times.

First of all, when the reactor is done with it's cycle, let a retriever/filter pump everything out.

Then use either another retriever (a sorting machine is better) to pull out the new components in the order that you want the components to be laid out.

After the reactor is full (easier to detect), you can turn on the reactor and pump infinite ice in. This ice-feeder stops ofcourse when the reactor's cycle has stopped.

Haven't quite worked this out, even though I'm certain this works fine, because I'd rather use AdvancedSolars and APS fusion reactors.

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APS works with Tekkit classic?

I am working on a computer-controlled reactor myself Deeb, so I'll share the conclusions I came to after 2 meltdowns (yay!)

I am using 4 blocks of 4 active reactors and 4 breeders.

I am still working on the breeders as the whole thing ends up stopping or melting down...

Anyway, related to your problem.

Did you put anything in the filter you are using to pull out stuff? The filter inventory works in a way that will prevent it to remove items with a certain ID if they have different data values (basically, if the cells you have in the reactor inventory have a different "charge" than those in the filter inventory, they will not be removed).

If you want to remove everything just use an empty inventory and maybe ccSensors to monitor the reactor content (good stuff)

What I do is having a pipe for filling ice and transposers used as "valves" on it.

On top of that I have 2 filters and another transposer.

The filters have the purpose of removing ice and depleted cells (you can put one depleted cell in one and one stack of ice in the other).

For making cabling more convenient I used redstone tubes, bundled wiring and jacketed cables, it saved a bit of space.

What the code does when a new cycle start is:

-Power off the reactor by sending a redstone signal to it (actually this is not really necessary, but I like to be on the safe side)

-Lock the transposers to prevent any input

-Send a defined amount of redstone pulses to the filters on the reactor, so it empties (in my case 7 for the ice, 47 uranium cells, please be aware I do this for all the 4 reactors)

-Remove the redstone signal on the transposer preventing new cells to get in on the first 2 reactors.

-Send 94 redstone pulses to the filter on the chest containing enriched cells (filling up the first reactors, here I am taking advantage of the routing with pneumatic tubes, that will divide evenly the items when you have 2 valid destinations at the same distance)

-Re-lock the first 2 reactors to prevent more cells to get in.

-Unlock the other 2 reactors cells input.

-Send another 94 pulses to get more enriched cells (had to use a different chest for this).

-Re-open the transposers to allow ice to enter.

-Wait a bit (we want the ice to actually get there, or you'll have a bad day).

-Re-start the reactors.

I don't send redstone signals to the ice output filter that is just on a timer (but I pull full stacks from it) @ 0.5 seconds.

I use a energy condenser with 4 MK3 EE generators (I don't remember the name :|)

You can also use a water pump -> compressor (snowballs) -> compressor -> ice but each of the reactors will require quite a bit of them (each reactor requires 7 ice blocks per second, with a singularity compressor compressing an item in 0.4 seconds, so 28 blocks per second and 28 compressors to make them.).

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