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Fallen Craft Voltz [Factions] [PvP] [Raid] [Missiles] [War]


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This is a brand new server that i have been working on for a few months (Still learning the basics of linux).

The server requires voltz v.1.0.11.




Worldguard (admins only)

World Edit (admins only)


PvP arena (still building)

chestshop (for making shops in spawn)

The server currently has 4GB DDR3 ram and may be upgrading to 16GB within the next year.

The server has a Tri-core AMD Athlon 450 processor at 3.2GHz.(Can be overclocked mildly)

Server results at "SpeedTest.net"


Upload: 4.49Mbps

Download: 22.51 Mbps

Ping: 15ms


This server also has a new addition, an official server website!


Please remember that this server has voltz and others may launch a wide variety of missiles.

Please create factions away from spawn.

Server IP:

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