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Cannot connect to my own server but others can

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I hope this is the place for this post?

I have made a tekkit 3.1.2 server for my son, with bpermissions,bchat, factions 1.7.4, essentials. the server is up and running. On the computer that is running the server i can log onto the server, my daughter can log on but my son cannot it keeps saying timed out. when i look at the server console there is nothing that is listed that is any different than when i log in or my daughter, he has tried logging into the server from another computer, we have the updated technic launcher and set to recommended builds we all have the same configuration.

when he logs in he makes it all the way to connecting to the server then a black screen, then a white screen that just hangs with not error report generated.

I can provide more info if needed.

thanx in advance Dan

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I have a problem somewhat to that extent. My Mojang and Yogbox (the mod pack that I use in tekkit,) opens perfectly, but then when I open my own server in single player, I get a black screen. I can see the hot bar and the mini-map, but I can't see the screen. I legit spent 4 hours yesterday trying to restart my computer and I even downloaded it again, and nothings working! Please help me, i'm desprate. I'll try anything!!

-Caitlin :3

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