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Bukkitforge issues!

Dale Raine

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Hi all! I am running a server which is being hosted for me by Nitrous Networks, but ive been having troubles installing plugins on to my voltz server :(

At the minute im running a voltz server 1.0.12, mainly because i wanted to use nuclear power and i was getting very frustrated by 1.1.3 and the lack of a nuclear boiler recipe, however i digress!

The version of Bukkitforge i have is BukkitForge-1.4.7-40.jar I am trying to use shopkeepers (version 1.12) and factions (version on my voltz server, i thought the issue was with my permissions so i downloaded permissionex (version 1.19.5) which seemed to work i.e. i saw it doing things on the console but actually the functions in that dont work either, none of the prefixes work on the chat or anything :(

Please can anyone help me? I am a total noob at this sort of thing to be honest so i may have done something stupid! I installed bukkitforge by placing it in the coremods folder, which i think is right, and all of my plugins are installed as .jars in a plugin folder (which was generated automatically which i figured was a sign of installation success) in the right directory so i dont really understand why nothing is working :(

My first indication that there was nothing working was that when i type in a command from one of the plugins it doesnt work, no error comes up and no text comes up saying that i dont have permission or anything, simply put nothing happens. When i checked the files none of the config files were generated or anything either which makes me think that i have done something wrong somewhere :(

Like literally nothing is working, i cant use any of the commands, the plugins are there because when i type /plugins it shows me that they are there :)

Thanks in advance,


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maybe it is better if you try to ask this question in the voltz forum, not the voltz server forum. People here are searching for a server while in the voltz forum or bug forum people want to help others with problems like these.

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