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[3.1.2] CyroTek [Minimal Banned Items] [Factions/PvP] [Hardcore/Raiding] [Multiverse]


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Server IP: tekkit.cyrotek.org

Website: http://cyrotek.org/

Teamspeak: cyrotek.teamspeak3.com


The CyroTek Community has just been created and is awaiting for people like you, yes you, to join and have fun, I (Addorra) Believe that because of the tiny amount of banned items we have is going to part us from all of the other servers, The only items we have banned are the ones that dupe. All of the matter tools are not banned but restricted to ranks, Such as to gain the red morning star you must be the highest donator. I have patched many of the duplication bugs in tekkit and there is only 2 now working dupes that i'm yet to patch, The transmutation table and the tank cart, in which I am working on almost every day. Our ranking system is very unique, You gain ranks for the time you have been online, for example you have to be on the server for 30 minutes to gain the first rank. In those ranks you unlock kits that help you to grow. We have a separate world for our users to mine in, which leaves the normal world for people to raid, kill and everything else you want to do, In the mineworld you are able to use the right click function of all the tools, the mining lazer, and also being able to place a quarry down. The Mineworld will be reset once a month and it's online a 2000 radius world border.


These are just the essential plugins you need to know about and use to make the server a great load of fun!

AutoRank (Automatic Ranking Plugin)

AutoRestart (Restarts Every 7 Hours To Minimize Lag)

Buycraft (Our Donation Plugin)

Chest Shop (Our Shop Plugin)

Combat Tag (Stops People From PvPLogging)


Factions (Basically A Clan Plugin that you can use to protect your house)

IConomy (This plugin is the money side of the server)

Lottery (With this plugin you can enter the lottery and hope that you win!)

Mcmmo (A player stats plugin, For example the more things you mine the higher your mining stats are.

MobArena (Under Construction)

Plotme (A plugin for donators to claim plots in the plotworld)


Here is a list of banned items / restricted items for our users. And remember we only ban items to make sure you have fun and people don't become to overpowered for our newer users.

We do not ban the "fun" items, You may say they are "fun" because you can destroy an entire server with them so therefor we have to ban/restrict them.

Here is a list of our banned items:

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide Amulet

Volcanite Amulet

Infernal Armor

Ring Of Ignition

Void Ring

Mercurial Eye

Ring Of Arcana

Watch Of Flowing Time

Nova Cataclysm

Nova Catalyst

DM Pedestal

Trans Table


Dimensional Anchor

Tank Cart



World Anchor


Water Strainer


Like I said in the short description up there our ranking system is very unique. I will start with our staff ranking System.

First rank of our staff board is the helper rank. The helper is there to deal with the smaller problems that have risen on the server, For example if two or more people are having an argument the helper is there to calm things down, or if someone is spamming or USING CAPS they will be kicked/muted/jailed. You can apply for helper on our forums: http://cyrotek.org/forum/m/12222825/viewforum/2361759

The next rank up is JrMod A helper will get this rank by showing of their skills as they said on their application, for example if a helper said they are good at plugins, If I was having trouble with some plugins he/she would help and I would think of promoting him/her. JrMods have access to /tempban and they over rule any lower staff members.

After JrMod you will become a fully fledged Moderator. You will have your own room on our Teamspeak server if you want one, You have forum moderator so you will be able to edit peoples post if they have posted something inappropriate. Or even hide peoples posts if they are inappropriate and they need me/other admins to take a look at them.

After Mod you will become a "ModMin" I know it sounds strange but it's really just a mix between a mod and an admin, This is something like a JrAdmin but we like to be creative, A ModMin has access to /ban And also has authority to demote helpers if they are abusing their powers and also has power to Vouch for a helper application, If you get a vouch from a staff member that means you will most -Likely- Get the position because a vouch from a staff member is like having all A* in your Grades in school.

Admin, Is one of the highest ranks you can be on the server, Yes they have creative and they can promote people up to the moderator position but they must have gone though Helper and JrMod before they gain the Moderator rank, Admin is given to the very best of our staff team and they have proven themselves to be very skilled and a great use to our server. This rank is only given to you by The owner, no other staff can give you this rank

Head-Admin, Wow, I can't really explain how hard you would have to work to gain this rank, They have access to use Their NEI (Not Enough Items) Menu to spawn things in and has OP.

To gain this you will have to be a active admin for quite a while and you have permission to make people admins and vouch people to become admins.

Owner. Nope.Avi. I'm not going to explain this rank because You cannot obtain this rank <3

If you would like to see our donation packages go here: http://cyrotek.org/donate


Here is a slide show of pictures of our server:


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