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  1. 1- In game name:tjtylerman 2- Age:14 3- experiences in tekkit:I have played in many tekkit servers and know nearly all the ins and outs of the modpack. I can have often helped new spawns out and gave them a few starting items. I have probaly played more tekkit than vannila 4- Skype name (optional or other contacts):If you would like me skype I would prefer to pm it to you 5- Past bans (will be looked up so don't lie):I thinkhave been banned before but dont remember the reason as it has been a while ago, around a year 6- Time zone:GMT 7- A little about yourself:I really love playing modded minecraft, i often help people out who need it and love to have fun making factory's. I also love playing Gmod, rust, natural selection and bf4. As you could probably tell a huge nerd ( )
  2. maybe you could set up a server for FTB ? p.s if you do could you send me and anyone else who's interested the ip
  3. yeh its sad its gone eventhough Im no longer active on it.It was great friendly community
  4. erm servers down been down for a day i think is it permanent or temporary
  5. everytime i join it says kicked because of fly hack
  6. if you read the comment above you you wouldn't need to ask
  7. love to join but no ip
  8. Application age:13 IGN:tjtylerman Favorite tekkit mods:IC2/BC/powersuits
  9. lost my 2 chronotypers and a vetinary station. That was lost to the Tuesday incident
  10. ye sure here they are 7 hv capacitors, 16 servo motors, 1 lv capacitor, 10 forcefield emmiters, 14 iron, 6 solenoids, 2 wool, 1 glowstone (dust), 1 computer chip,8 control circuits, 1 solar panel, 7 ion thrusters, 4 eye of ender, 2 glider wings, 1 basic plating. I also lost some of my other things like a quarry and all my belongings are on ME storage chips so i need a ME drive and an ME controller. And thank you for refunding me
  11. Hey its me again mr.explosion man erm LEo told me to post the components of my powersuit (cos i died when i did /home) so here it is . heat generator,kinetic generator, run boost, swim boost, uphill boost, jump boost, solar generator, complete energy shield protection, ore scanner, mine assist, axe assist, shovel assist, hoe assist, jet boots, jetpack, flight control, 4 elite batteries, glider wings, cooling system, shock absorbers, plasma cannon and i think thats it
  12. HELP!!!! death ,explosions, more death and explosions. my combustion engines were on and when i came back they were continually exploding and my /home is there so i died instantly and lost all my cool stuff. And the explosions have not stopped so help !!!!
  13. Owner im having a problem with phased waterproof pipes. They're either not sending or there not receiving but there not out putting the oil I am transmitting from my pump. Help!!
  14. Erm having trouble figuring out how to claim land so can someone come on the server ?
  15. Minecraft IGN: tjtylerman Age:13 Gender:male Location:Britain Why do you want to play on T4?:I wanna play on a friendly server with not to many other people and I wanna try out the new tekkit more. I also want to let my imagination go crazy with awesome structures and facility's. No banned items is also a great turn on for me. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: Well I have played tekkit for around a year now and I have only ever played on servers.I have found it so fun but I have been kicked for supposed griefing that I did not do. I have always been friendly to others especially new people to the servers. P.s if you need my skype you can ask me and I'll message you
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