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I am new to voltz, and am playing on a server with some friends. I was wondering what someone with some experience would recommend that I do/make to help me defeat my friends.

P.S. is it just me or is bronze armor ridiculously good at blocking damage?

- Try obsidian armour!

- always take every resource when you are mining

- antimatter can be used as very powerful grenades

- make condensed explosive traps!

- build one fission reactor and make it explode near the enemies base, but not so they will notice. soon they will have a radioactive problem!

- use silk-touch to get mycelium and place that on some grass, if they dont notice that may spread enough for they thinking "i hate you"

- kill every spider and zombie, nukes uses alot of poisonous powder

- mine a room 1 block under the surface and place lava in there, then place a condenced explosive trap on top if it!

- ring of spikes around your base?

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