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[Voltz V1.0.11] BaconCraft[PvP][6 slots][factions][games][No removed mods]-Its sizzling, with voltz!


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Simi-Open server (no whitelist, but there are staff aplications)


Server rules:

Griefing and raid are allowed (on mapes allowing them)

No advertising

No using all caps

No cussing

Use common sence

No glitch abuse

Removed items:

Advanced solor panels

Claw (crane thing)


This server is a well rounded server looking for new members, including ones who widh to join our staff! We have games (more to come) a grief world, and are working on an anti grief world (exception of missiles and bombs)

Server Uptime:

24/7 all wekk

What we want:

We want leader who will strive to become wonderful staff members and will make our community great!

Server website:


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Simi-Open server (no whitelist, but their are staff aplications)

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you playing with us sometime soon

-baconcraft staff

Never sign your post.

Oh and you definitely could of edited your previous post into the first one instead of double posting.

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