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Can't Play Voltz AT ALL..


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Figured it out, surfed many threads to find a solution but I found one that worked.

change the config file for mechanism, there is a line near the top that says updatenotification=true, change that to false, save and reload technic.

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sshaggy got me on the right tracks but only worked the first time loading before resetting back to default. So here is a detailed guide for anyone unsure.

Step 1: Open Technic Launcher and open Voltz options panel by clicking on the cog under Volts image on the left side. Once in Voltz options click "Open Folder"


Step 2: Search for "Mekanism.cfg" - You maybe able to do this on windows start bar and skip step one.

Location is "\AppData\Roaming\.technic\voltz\config\Mekanism.cfg"


Step 3: Open the folder "Mekanism.cfg" in notepad or your personal favorite text editor - I shall be using notepad ++

Step 4: Once open look for "UpdateNotifications=true" now change it to "false" as shown below. Once you have done that SAVE and exit.


Step 5 - This may or may not be needed to do. Like step two find "Mekanism.cfg" and this time right click and go down to "Properties" as shown below.


Step 6: Once in properties trick "Read-only" then "APPLY" then lastly "Ok" as shown below.


Step 7: Lastly Reopen Technic Launcher and play!

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