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[0.6.1]CyberiaCraft[no PvP]20 slots[whitelist] No banned items


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Hello!! and thank you for showing interest.

I have recently setup a tekkit lite server and am looking for some people to help get it started . i have hosted many servers before and have much experience hosting servers so you can be assured the highest possible amount of uptime. The server runs 24/7 and is an AMD server with 2GB of dedicated Ram for this server. It has 20 slots however i can always increase that.

there are currently no banned items or mods. currently installed plugins include: world guard , world edit, lockett and iconomy.

currently there is only me playing on the server so i will be looking for one ore two experience people to become admins.

the server is whitelisted so to apply just post a comment with your IGN and if you want to be an admin your IGN and past servers and experience . i don't want to know your age or where you live because i don't feel you need to give away personal information to play on a server however your timezone would be useful .

the ip is however remember it is whitelisted !

my timezone is

UTC/GMT +1 hour

so have fun and join! i will post pictures once i have something to take pictures of

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My IGN is TNizo11 I am just getting started with tekkit lite but I have been playing tekkit classic for a while now. I love small community servers and would love to be whitelisted. My time zone is Mountain Standard Time, and I have played on countless Tekkit servers. I would also like to be considered as admin.

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IGN: Skylander911

Timezone: GMT+1

Why do i want to join the server?: I like small servers because they are a littlebit like a family! and also i want to try out mystcraft as well in a server and btw im looking for a good server to play on!

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