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Electricity problem


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I'm using voltz version 1.1.3, and running the equivalent server version. This is on the server, not single player.

I have a string of 4 basic battery boxes connected in a line; output from one goes to input of another and so on. The output goes to my machines in 1 building, and a centrifuge+boiler in another.

On the input side of the battery boxes, I have 2 inputs: one from heat and solar generators, and one from a fission reactor.

For some reason, even when a handheld multimeter is saying 180kW along the input line, none of the battery boxes are filling up, everything is at 120V. After the first battery box, all readings on the handheld say 0. It's like the power from the input is just completely ignoring the battery boxes.

What I'm going to try and do is re-arrange my boxes so that there are 3 in parallel all connecting to the final fourth box. Like a fork. So each input will have its own box which then links to a storage box. If that doesn't work though I'll be full out of ideas. Any other suggestions?

I've tried removing boxes, changing wire material, using transformers.

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I am certain the handheld is reading correctly, as it says 0 when the reactor is off, and gradually increases to its maximum power of 180kw, which sometimes fluctuates to 178... I've replicated the system on singleplayer creative and it works fine, so beginning to think its a multiplayer issue. :(

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