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Fusion Reactor is using More Energy to Run then it Produces


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I've been playing voltz for quite sometime now and i just updated to 1.1.3 a few weeks ago. Just yesterday i built a fusion reactor using the same style that TacticalLion uses but without the pistons

and i encountered a few problems that i havn't before.

When i gave it the initial jolt of energy it needs to start, the reactor itself will start to produce plasma but it draws about 200 Kilowatts a tick and if disconnected the reactor will stop (it doesn't stop draining until i do disconnect it). If I keep it connected though the turbines will start to spin and produce about 350 kilowatts per tick but if connected to a separate battery box it wont fill it at all.

Also when it is producing 350 kilowatts per tick and i try to connect the turbines directly to the reactor its self it will stop all together.

I'm really stuck and have no clue what else to do I've included a link to the map and would greatly appreciate if anyone can either change what I've done wrong and post the map again, or just tell me what to change. Thanks


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