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Having a problem with transposers.

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Hello.I have recently built a sorting machine in tekkit.It uses the redpower2 mod.The problem is that the transposer next to the chest is getting clogged up with EVERYTHING i put in the chest.It does not send it down the pipe it just holds the item(s) and when i break it it leaves the item on the floor.I have hooked it up with a 0,600sec. timer.I am sure that everything is placed correctly.

I would be very thankful if somebody could tell me how to fix it.

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There could be a few reasons why it doesn't work:

1. The sorting machine doesn't have any power/isn't configured properly.

2. The transposer might be powered with a constant signal.

What you really should try is this method which DOESN'T use the nubbish YogsCast design.

You have one huge line of pneumatic tubes. No sorting machine required in line.

Now you know that Filters and Sorting machines only let items through that are in the filter slot (this only applies to the sorting machine when there is no "random crap" mode enabled.)

Then you can just place a chest behind that and at the huge line of pneumatic tubes you have a Restriction tube (not necessary, since it's at the end of the line) where the random crap goes.

And the best of all is that this doesn't require any colored tubes or blutricity (does still require it when you use sorting machines instead of filters)!

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place a restriction tube off to the side of the tube between the transposer and the first sorting machine, connect a chest to this restriction tube, this is your "overflow" for "junk" items, consider a method to dispose of the contents of the chest.

The problem is caused by the transposer taking ANY item out of the chest, if the sorting machine doesn't handle that item, it has no-where to send it and hence holds it.

Items will ONLY go through a restriction tube if no other option is available, i.e. If the sorting machine can't handle item x then x goes through restriction tube if sorting machine CAN handle item x (and has power) then x goes to the sorting machine.

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