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[QuackCraft] 0.6.1 Close Community Friendly Server, Grief Prevention, CoreProtect, White List Server


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hello I am 11(but mature I hate people thinking kids are all the same)


marble and... basically volcano rock(sorry forgot what it's called)

I want to join because I want a mature server to play on(once again I can be mature even though i'm only 11)

my Minecraft Name is AssassainsRgreat

o and I forgot I won't be playing with a partner because they're immature, I don't grief,and once again just because i'm 11 doesn't mean i'm a whiner or rager

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Hello QuackCraft Staff!

Age: 13

In Game Name:

Location Auckland, New Zealand

Good at: Commands, BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft2, RedPower2 and MineFactory Reloaded

I would like to be white listed on your server because I like small servers (like yours) that doesn't have many people on it. I also have skills with the plugins GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, WorldEdit and CoreProtect. I am not applying for a staff position here (this thread in the forum) but I would be like to become whitelisted. I am really mature and I am good at building things in tekkit lite like: Factory's, PowerPlants, Nuclear PowerPlants and automated *contraptions. (*Wheat Farms, Sorting Machines and stuff like that)

So if you would please consider me as whitelisted I would be really happy :D

Yours Sincerely,

AwesomeGuy9988 (Mark)

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Age: 14 years old

Location: the Netherlands

Build Style: Totally random, and it depends on the time I have.

Why you want to join: I want a proper tekkit server, where I can just build without having to worry about getting griefed etc.

MineCraft Name: netchip

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Age: 30

Location: NY, USA

Build Style: I love to build small houses with gardens and pathways to small buildings.

Why you want to join: Looking to get away from some of the big servers with no real community. This server seems like there's a good chance of making some friends and doing some neat things together.

MineCraft Name: trebiluk

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Age : 20

Location : Denver

Build Style : Small houses or pleasant looking structures with large underground labs.

Why you want to join : I love small servers because of the good communities that can be created from them. I really enjoy working with other people and cooperating on large projects. I also enjoy living near other people if possible.

MineCraft Name : DantexPain

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