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Restarted server, all mod related things deleted?


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Has anyone had this happen? Note that I probably restarted it wrong, I just closed the CMD window. But when we booted back up, the quarry machine was gone, all the mod related items in our chests were gone. Some of the closeby ores were missing, and instead had a black unlit hole where they were.

Any information or ideas would be appreciated.

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Imna guess that you left a mod(s) set to auto assign their item and block IDs, and when you restarted the mod(s) saw a reason to reassign the IDs, thus shifting all of their IDs to who knows what. Check your mod config to see if auto-assign is on. Even if it is, that is 100% sure to be the problem. A way to check would be to see if any mod blocks have changed into other mod blocks, and check to see if everything is still available in NEI. If anything has changed from one block to another and everything is available, then somehow your block IDs got changed, check to make sure your config files are all still there. If the items are missing completely, then you somehow deleted mods in which case you would want to check your mod files and make sure they are all there.

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