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Quarry and combustion engines question.


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im not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but the general technic forum i posted in yesterday disappeared.

If you want to connect multiple engines to a quarry, do you run conductive pipe, or put the engines right next to each other? I see youtube videos do it both ways, but then I also find out some info and then find out that it was obsolete advice, given for an old version of the mod, etc.

I was using conductive pipe but had my 4th engine randombly blowing up the gold conductive pipe, but apparently the quarry should take more power than those engines can put out. Is there some trick to hooking up a lot of combustion engines to a quarry?

Does anyone even use combustion engines in big dig, when it is easier to just move up to the industrial craft machines?

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What type of engines are you running?

3 Sterling engines a.k.a steam engines can power a quarry.

For the combustion engines, were they being properly cooled? One bucket of fuel can burn through a few hundred buckets worth of water.

As for connecting up the engines to the quarry, you can place the engines directly on the open faces of the quarry and they will provide power.

*Edit - Need to learn how to read the title better :)

*Edit - A few of us still use combustion engines as they are soo cheap to make and can be made early on. So more quarry goodness from the get go!

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It seems quarries were changed, and now they can take up to 100 mj/t, which is like... 16 combustion engines on fuel? My numbers might be wrong though.

I had one aqueous accumulator per engine, they had plenty of water. I had all of the engines going to one long gold conductive pipe, which ran to the quarry. 3 ran fine, the 4th would run fine sometimes, but then would randomly backlog power in the gold conductive pipe directly connected to teh wood pipe that was on the 4th engine.

I guess i could put 4 engines on the sides, back, and bottom of it directly, and it would save on pipe. :)

ive seen some people use conductive pipes, and then others put like 4-5 engines right next to each other, with them all on their sides, the top of each engine connecting to the bottom of the next one, with no pipes at all. I read on one page though, that this doesnt really add up the totatl MJ/t going to the quarry or something like that, it just heats up the main engine to make it more efficient? As i said, the info out there is conflicting.

have you ever seen or tried putting engines right next to each other?

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The best solution would most likely be to replace your conductive pipes with Redstone Energy Conduits, which don't explode, and just feed power into them and connect said power to a quarry.

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Ill try that thanks. When i started i found buildcraft videos all over youtube, so that is where i focused at first. Im just getting into industrial craft, and made a few items from the redpower mod yesterday. It appears you need an induction furnace to get these redstone circuits. looks like i have more reading to do. :)

Although... the conductive pipes are part of buildcraft right? It seems buildcraft is more balanced than some of hte other mods. You get automation, but it requires a lot of setup and maintenance. Like... explosing pipes, engines breaking or overheating, etc. The other mods almost seem to easy.

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