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White screen joining multiplayer server, please help!


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I'm fairly new to using Tekkit, managed to log in to my friends multiplayer server and played for about 45mins or so, then the screen just went white. Now every time I try to connect to the server it shows a dirt loading screen, then goes white.

I've tried deleting the whole .techniclauncher folder, deleted everything minecraft related, using different versions of tekkit, and changing various settings in the options folder. None have fixed the problem.

I'm running on Windows XP 32-bit, tried searching the forums and found lots of posts about white screens but only solutions I've found were things I had already tried. Anyone know what's happened here and how to fix it?

Much appreciated!

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Upgrade to Java JRE 7 and increase the amount of RAM you are allocating to tekkit (You can do this by clicking options in the launcher)

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