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Comprehensive List of Tekkit Lite ore/material ID's

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So if this cannot be provided, I am going to edit this post to include a list for other admins. I am currently switching over from Tekkit Classic to Tekkit lite now that I've learned A) Bukkit works on Tekkit Lite now, and B) Tekkit Classic worlds convert over to Tekkit Lite almost effortlessly with the right tool.

The question is, does anyone have a comprehensive list of the ore/naturally spawned item ID's currently in use in Tekkit Lite? And when I say in use, I do mean the ore's/items that are used to make other items. Basically there are ore's that exist, yet are not used, so I'm looking for the ores that actually serve a purpose and can be found within the map in survival mode.

I ask this because I have worlds being generated by Terrain Control, and as such I have a lot of copper, tin, silver, etc. that now needs to be converted to meet Tekkit Lite's new system. The good news here is that the mIDas gold tool will do this for both existing blocks, AND inventories, making conversion nearly effortless - but in order to accomplish this, and also set up future ore generation to spawn the correct ores, I need a list of the new ore types Tekkit Lite utilizes. Even better would be a list of changes between Classic and Lite, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Here is a list made by someone listing conversions, but I am currently not sure how accurate it is. For all I know this is indeed the answer to my question, so if that ends up being the case I will post it on this thread in plain text, but it may also be that ores are being converted to random objects. I say this because other items are appearing in this way when using this tool - namely posts turning into turtles. I am very interested in any information anyone may have to help me with my search: http://goo.gl/hhdu8

If you are curious about the tool used to convert Classic to Lite, here is a link to that thread:


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