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Been playing a few weeks now. Got sucked in because nephew wants a LAN setup but his friends to be able to connect from outside. Despite setting everything up, still can't get that to work due to port forwarding or firewall issues. Purchased a copy of Minecraft just to fiddle then got hooked.


Question is, I'm really liking the Big Dig, only just seen it as an option when loading the Technic Launcher. When I get in game (I always play single player), it mentions some of the mods have newer versions available.

Do these get updated automatically or do you need to download them and install them manually?

Any guides on this?

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Just wait. Te majority of those messages will be for later versions of Monecraft which the pack will be unable to update to until every single mod in the pack has an update available for Minecraft 1.5.1. For some mods, this could take a while. Just ignore it, because any possible update will probably make it's way into the pack as soon as possible. There's very little you yourself can do without making your version of the pack incompatible without everyone else's, short of making a custom pack of your own (which won't be supported by other players and would require you manually updating the pack every time there's an update).

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