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Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 + Multiverse


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I just spent a few days working with support at Akliz getting Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 working with MCPC and Multiverse-2.5. The tech suggested that I post how I did on these forums, so here it is.

I've removed the download links from the post, as these appear to be a violation of forum rules without pre-approval.


Note: These instructions are for installing Multiverse-Core-2.5 under Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 (the Akziz default Tekkit Lite installation.) Steps 1-3 also enabled me to install Multiworld, but I found Multiverse to be a better package, especially with the addition of Multiverse-Portals. I tried Multiworld to see if it would bypass the bugs listed at the bottom. It didn't, so I went back to Multiverse.

Step 1.

Start with an install of Tekkit-Server-0.6.1 (the akziz default). If you have an existing world, make a backup of it.

Step 2

Remove the mods "Chicken Chunks" and "Dimensional Doors."

Step 3

Download mcpc-plus-legacy-1.4.7-R1.1-SNAPSHOT-f534-L13.jar and copy it to the main directory.

Step 4

Using the Akliz Command center, select "Game Update" under "Loaded Games" on the left. At the bottom, under "Custom JAR", select the mcpc-plus-legacy-1.4.7-R1.1-SNAPSHOT-f534-L13.jar.

(No idea how to do this on other hosts, but I imagine it's not rocket science to people who play with Mods.)

Step 5

Copy the Multiverse-Core-2.5.jar file to your "plugins" folder. ( If you don't have one, create one. ) Also add any other plugins, such as Multiverse-Portals-2.4 and world-generators.

Step 6

Make any changes to server.properties that you want.

Step 7

Start your server. Once the server is running, you should be able to verify that multiverse is running by logging in and typing the following:


Will display a list of worlds-- to start with you'll have three-- the overword, the nether, and the end.

/mvc world_new normal

Will generate a new world in the folder world_new.

/mvtp world_new

Will teleport you to the new world.

Step 8

Spend some time on these webpages:


This is a list of all the properties you can set in a world, and how to set them.


This is a list of all the Multiverse commands.


Multiverse Portals Commands. If you DIDN'T install Multiverse-Portals, read it anyway, to see why you want to.

Bugs that I've identified:

1) Wireless Redstone

A) In worlds other than the "Main" worlds-- the one defined in server.properties, and its corresponding nether and end worlds-- wireless receivers will only detect the state that the frequency was in at the time the frequency was set-- if it was on, it stays on, otherwise it stays off. If you reset the frequency, it will get the new state... but it will hold that until you reset the frequency again.

B) In the main worlds, wireless receivers have to be reset each time the server reboots. (I saw several references to it being a known issue when I took to google to find a solution (which I did not), but mysteriously, the problem seems to have gone away. See item 1 under "Problems I've run into."

2) Transport Pipes

The animation of items moving through transport pipes does not work except in main worlds. The items are still activate redstone pipes, you just can't SEE them.

3) While teleporting to alternate worlds is almost instant, teleporting back to the main world takes a little time.

Problems that I've run into:

1) Initial experiments starting up mcpc with my existing world intact led to server crashes. I was able to bypass this problem by renaming my world and creating a new one, then importing my old world with "/mv import world_old normal". I believe that removing dimensional doors resolved this problem, as this no longer happens. (Additionally, I removed the Dimensional Doors folder, since that was 50MB of data that no longer used the plugin. While I was in there, I removed the "chickenchunks" and "RedstoneEther" folders, the former because the plug in was removed, the latter just to see if it would have any effect on item 1 under "Bugs." It seems to have fixed Bug 1B, but I didn't expect it to, and can't see how it would, as that bug is replicated in new worlds. I mention it here just in case it helps you.)

2) When I first installed multiverse, you could teleport to alternate worlds, but after a minute or so the world would dematerialize (except for spawns, which were kind of entertaining to see plummet to their deaths). Removing ChickenChunks solved that.

3) Sometimes-- often-- the spawn point on a new world is in an unsafe place. Switch to creative mode to survive, get to a safe place, and type "/mv setspawn". This will set the the spawn to your world to the exact spot (including direction, and angle of head) that you are in.

4) Obviously, I did a lot of playing around with creating and deleting new worlds. They didn't always want to remove from the config. But if you stop the server, delete the folder, and restart the server, they'll delete with no problem.

5) Some phased transport pipes had to be reset, but they worked normally afterwards.

Useful notes:

Seriously, look over the things you can set in worlds and portals. In addition to world and portal management, the Multiverse package gives some seriously detailed world customization abilities.

You can change the name of the world in server.properties, and a new world will generate. The old one will remain in the configuration, although since it is no longer the world defined in server.properties, the bugs listed above will take effect. You can switch back after the world is created, and they'll go away. This is useful for custom superflat worlds, which I haven't figured out how to generate through Multiverse. Of course, as you create each world this way, a _nether and _the_end world will be created (and added to the configuration), but these can be removed when you are done.

If you precede all world names with "world_" when you generate them, then they will show up together in a file listing. Name your primary world "world_" and the nether and end worlds will clump together. You can change the visible name of a world with "/mvm set alias NewName world_name". If you want to have a space in the name, just put the name in quotes.

When entering a world, players are changed to the default game mode of that world.

If you want to change the folder name of a world, you can do so, but change the reference in plugins/Multiverse-Core/worlds.yml.

Multiverse Portals go by location, not any attachment to the block. So you can build a Portal then remove the blocks you used to anchor it, and it will still work.

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New bug:

Dimensional Anchors, when placed, cause the player to be kicked off the server. When the player returns, his ability to interact with the world is limited-- as if he were lagged. (Server commands still work.) Error in console is:

Failed to handle packet for CountFive/ java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: wrong world

(followed by much that is over my head)

This can be reproduced on multiple installs-- I've got two installs where one world (not the one defined in server.properties) will work.

Workaround: Teleport Tethers still appear to work.

The False lag can usually be solved by logging out and logging back on.

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Step 4


either you just rename the mcpc jar to the original jar on the server ( eg: minecraft.jar )


if the host allowe you to choose forge mod, do it, and then rename it to something_the_host_created.jar, in this way stuffs like mcmyadmin will recognise the minecraft, and can get you data from it ( eg cpu load, online players, chat etc )

and i don't know about multiverse, but multiWORLD can change the generators on the 3 original world, so you can create plots, with working pipes/redstone

or throw out the end, place a new world in the place

also, i've reported the bug to the logistic pipes guy, they are allready patched it, but i don't want custom tekkit, so i don't updated yet

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I'm going to have give multiworld another look, I think-- dimensional anchors are considerably better than teleport tethers. But I lurves me some Multiverse Portals.

In Multiverse, if you replace the end or nether folders, it regenerates the end and nether.

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In multiverse, that doesn't work, sadly. I've changed the generator and/or environment in MV's worlds.yml, but it just overwrites them when the server is started up. I was able to beat this by disabling the nether in server.properties-- but this was only a theoretical victory, as the alternate universe bugs (wireless redstone, logistics pipes) are still there.

I played with multiworld some more, but it has all the same bugs-- or more fairly, the same bugs that affect multiverse affect it. Even if you can restore those bugs to two more worlds in MW, I'm sticking with MV because of the portals. :)

I encourage you, however, to post exactly how you did it, because there are people out there who care. I may not be one of them, but we're all in this together. ;)

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_S_Sgenerator: PlotMe

*replace _S with a space, or your yml will fail to load/interpret

just put it in tehe end with the gen of your choice, same with nether/end



my only problem is, i can't generate huge biomes, whatever i give to the mw

but, if you generate a world on single player tekkit, then move the entire folder to the server, and then mw create it, then it will be huge biome!

also, in mw world some mods will not work, ( logistics pipes (this myght be patched(trolol ())), applied energetisc ), that is why my factory world is the normal world

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With Multiverse, you can generate a huge-biomes world with /mvc BigDarnWorld normal -t HUGEBIOMES.

(or is it LARGEBIOMES? Don't mind me, they don't let me play with sharp objects.)

The other problems you describe, however, I still have with Multiverse.

Am I correct in interpreting what you just said as "that problem I was having trying to figure out how to import a world can be solved by 'creating' a world that already exists?" That would go a long way towards evening what I see as an imbalance between MV and MW.

Is there an equivalent of MultiversePortals for MultiWorld?

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just copy the world to any_foldername_of_your_choice dir

and then /mw create any_foldername_of_your_choice

the -huge/larg/anything did not worked for me

you can link portals, but not shure how, since our main spawn have portal signs and my players can tp into any dimension

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What do you use to create the portals/signs? I wasn't aware of such functionality in MW. MV has the Portals plugin, and I think they have a signs plug in, but the regular portals are pretty flipping awesome... you can create them anywhere, out of anything, and point them to any world or gate.

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