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Hao123 Toolbar Removal


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Try google. There's usually a program or method to remove them.

It would also probably be an idea to avoid doing whatever you did to get it in the first place. If you're downloading dodgy stuff, well, stop downloading dodgy stuff :P

You can already see one of the milder results of not staying safe, so just keep a good antivirus and be sensible and you shouldn't need to do this again - much better to prevent it than repair it.

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Thank you guys :)

I did as theprolo said and searched in google (turned out there really was some information, so probably next time i'll just have to search before asking :-D ) So this is what i found http://www.americanpendulum.com/2012/11/13/hao123-toolbar/ It says there that Hao123 is a browser hijacker and that (as in my case) it starts controling my browser and the search results that show up. Unfortunately there were no manual removal instructions anywhere, so the only way to remove the infection was with an antimalware program. I downloaded one and did a full scan. Then it deleted the toolbar and now my computer is back to normal *whew*

AM6644, there was no need to reinstall the browser, which is a good thing, because i have a lot of bookmarks and i didn't want to loose all of my history. :)

Thanks again.

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