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I am about to lose my mind...Please help.


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MY issue is that the MFE is acting like a child lol I have 6 solar panels and 9 windmills hooked up to my MFE to power random machines (not a r-macerator) and a quarry. Here are the things I know it worked fine until I tried to hook up my quarry up and before I installed the solar panels. Now if I try to hook up anything to my MFE it is getting up to the 128 EU's then dumping it. Now take in mind I now ONLY have my HV transformer hooked up and it is still dumping the power. So I tried to hook it up to ONLY a MV transformer and it does the same thing. I have no idea what the heck is going on with the MFE I feel like it is bugged.

You can see my setup in the image below but it goes like this. Windmill + Solar panels > MFE (Glass)> HV Trans (Glass)> MV Trans (Gold)> LV Trans (Gold)> Quarry/Random Machines (I don't have a R-Macerator).

As a note please don't tell me about input/output because everything was working perfectly and I haven't changed the orientations of anything.

4 Right click on this image to view it in another window.

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No, nothing is bugged. You use a wooden conductive pipe, which doesn't have much of a maximum usage of BC power. And thus, the Energy link tries to power the pipe with the maximum power it can provide, sucking up all of your EU's. So, DON'T USE THE LINK THIS WAY. Either power the energy link from a batbox to limit the power, or power the quarry DIRECTLY with the energy link. The quarry does have a maximum power usage, so the energy link will only draw that much power that is needed to keep the quarry at max speed.

And by the way, that chain of transformers to the energy link isn't even necessary.

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