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[1.4.7]Zephyr Custom Pack[PvP][30 slots][Open][Zephyr Custom Modpack]

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Server IP: zephyr2.dal9.creeperhost.net

Link to Pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/zephyr-custom-modpack.35860

What's Allowed:

- PvP

- Raiding/Stealing

- Griefing (non-protected areas only)

- Trading with other players or NPCs

What's Not Allowed:

- Deliberately causing server lag

- Griefing protected areas

- Spawn killing/Preying on the weak

- Combat logging

- Harrassing othe players

- Murdering Millenaire NPCs in excess

- Asking for Op/Admin

- Spamming of any kind

- Duping items/blocks

- Hacking or cheating in any way

- Using 3rd party client software

Expected up time: 24/7 Unless Serious Crash Occurs

What the Community is Like:

Currently we are searching for mature players who intend on returning to the server often. Please do note that this is a mature, friendly communty and we do not stand for players that join only to ruin the experience of others.

About the Server:

Developed by players from Zephyr, this pack was designed with one goal in mind; to provide an experience unique to Zephyr, unlike that of other servers. We've accomplished this by adding mods that aren't normally used by mainstream packs including Millénaire, Ars Magica, Flans, and many more. (A full list of mods is given below.) As part of this one of a kind experience, we want you to have a feeling of pure awe and wonder when you enter our server's world. We've used several mods like ExtraBiomesXL, Biomes O' Plenty, Dungeon Pack, and Better Dungeons to enhance minecraft's terrain generation in order to create a very strange and different, yet familiar environment for you to explore and build in. The landscapes are simply stunning with so much attention paid to detail and realism. Finally, one aspect of minecraft that many modded servers ignore that we chose to allow is PvP, raiding, and griefing. Our server's world is comprised of untamed wilderness, occasionally interupted by small, civilized villages that dot the countryside. Therefore, it only makes sense to allow players to ultimately choose their own destiney, whether it be to live peacefully or to raid and pillage others. In either situation we've given you tools like MFFS, Secret Rooms, and ICBM to protect yourself. Overall, the Zephyr Custom Pack was created for you, the players, to provide a modded minecraft experience like no other! What are you waiting for? The world of Zephyr is yours for the taking! Join now!

Current List of Mods:

IC2 Advanced Machines

IC2 Advanced Solars

Applied Energistics

Assembly Line

Atomic Science

Back Tools

Unversal Electricity Basic Components


Biomes O' Plenty


Buildcraft Additional Objects

IC2 Charge Pads

Computer Craft

Equivelant Exchange 3

Ender Storage

Forestry Extra Bees



Flan's Mod + Content Packs

Fluid Mechanics


IC2 Gravisuit

IC2 Gregtech

Industrialcraft2 (IC2)

IC2 Nuclear Control


Inventory Tweaks

Iron Chests


Mo Foods & Crops



MineFactory Reloaded

Misc Peripherals

Modular Force Field System (Old Version, no forcicium)

Modular Powersuits

Nether Ores

Not Enough Items



Power Converters



Rei's Minimap

Secret Rooms

Soul Shards

Steve's Carts

Thaumcraft 3

Thaumic Bees

Thermal Expansion


Twilight Forest

Wireless Redstone

Xeno's Reliquary



Q: Where's Portalgun and Gravigun?

A: Both mods caused a world leak which resulted in an unexpected rollback which broke Millénaire villages.

Q: There's so much stuff in this pack! Where the heck to I start?

A: If you're new to modded minecraft, we recomend that you look Thermal Expansion, or Industrialcraft.

Q: Why can't I find any dungeons from the Better Dungeons mod?

A: Better Dungeons has not been fully implemented yet. Also, the dungeons from that mod are programed by the author to only spawn in vanilla biomes.

Q: Why does Treecapitator only work in single player?

A: Treecapitator is not used on our multiplayer server.

Q: Help! My plane from Flan's mod kicked me out and it's flying away by itself!

A: Not all planes from the Flan's mod content packs are completely stable. We recomend you either experiment with which planes work in single player or stick with the vehicles from the WWII content pack with the exception of the Lancaster Bomber. We will not refund lost planes.

Q: Why is Gregtech on hard mode?

A: As part of our goal to increase the time it takes to reach "end game", we have chosen to leave Gregtech on hard mode. We will not be making any exceptions for anyone.

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